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Tiny Whoop Flight Mode:Angle/Horizon/Acro/Air

Desk of contents
  • Flight Mode of Tiny Whoop
  • Helpful for working towards Acro mode: ACRO TRAINER mode
  • Air mode
  • Turtle mode
  • Associated hyperlinks

Flight Mode of Tiny Whoop

There are following varieties of flight modes for Tiny Whoop / FPV drone.
This implies how drone’s FC (Flight Controller) assists pilot.

(These names differ relying on merchandise, put in firmware and its settings.)

Flight Mode of Tiny Whoop
Flight Mode title Angle (ANGL)
Horizon (HOR)
Habits if you take your finger off the stick Making an attempt to remain degree Making an attempt to keep up angle (angle) at the moment
What’s managed by the stick Angle (angle):
Angle (angle) is modified in line with the angle of the stick.
Rotation angular velocity:
Velocity of rotation is modified in line with the angle of the stick.
Sensor to make use of Gyroscope and accelerometer Gyroscope
Tilt angle restrict Sure No
Flip (somersault) flight Unattainable Attainable
  • If following ”

    Air mode

    ” is enabled in Acro ( Rate / Manual ) mode, “Air” may be displayed instead of “Acro” on OSD display screen.
  • In Race_Angle (RACE_A) and Race_Horizon (RACE_H) modes of Silverware firmware, solely pitch (elevator) is managed in the identical means as in Acro mode.
    It is nice for racers in addition to Angle / Horizon customers to follow the transition to Acro flight.
  • In Betaflight firmware, if no flight mode is specified, will probably be in Acro mode.
  • To take care of angle in Angle mode, pilot should repair angle of stick.
  • To take care of angle in Acro mode, pilot should continually regulate stick.
  • In Angle mode, flip (somersault) flight shouldn’t be attainable because of the restricted tilt angle.
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Learners are suggested to start out working towards in Angle (Stage / Stab) mode.
Nevertheless, if you don’t use Acro ( Price / Guide ) mode, your flight is not going to enhance.
It is suggested that you just change to follow in Acro mode as quickly as you get a really feel for working Tiny Whoops in Angle mode.


DJI FPV drone

, M mode by which “Attitude Limit” is enabled corresponds to Angle mode, and M mode by which the restrict is launched corresponds to Acro mode.

Helpful for working towards Acro mode: ACRO TRAINER mode

Betaflight firmware has ACRO TRAINER mode, which is handy for Angle mode customers to follow Acro mode.
In the event you allow this and fly in Acro mode, roll and pitch angles can be restricted, so you’ll be able to forestall unintended angle.

To allow this, allow ACRO TRAINER on “Mode” display screen of Betaflight Configurator, assign it to any channel (AUX), and switch it on / off with radio.
The angle restrict is specified by Betaflight Configurator CLI command “acro_trainer_angle_limit”.
You possibly can learn extra about it on

Acro Coach (Betaflight Wiki)


The right way to set ACRO TRAINER mode


Launch Betaflight Configurator and join drone to your laptop with USB cable.
Open “Mode” display screen and click on “Add Range” in ACRO TRAINER.


A pulse vary (1300-1700μsec) has been added.
Then click on the place it says “Automatic” to assign any channel.

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This time I assigned it to AUX5 (channel 9).
After finishing settings, click on “Save” on the backside proper of the display screen to mirror it on drone.

This time, pulse vary is legitimate at 1300-1700μsec, so when you assign it to 3-position change in radio, will probably be legitimate when the change is centered.
When working towards, choose Acro in flight mode and allow ACRO TRAINER.
The flight mode is displayed as “ATRN” on OSD display screen.

Then open Betaflight Configurator “CLI command line” display screen and set acro_trainer associated parameters as wanted.
( acro_trainer_angle_limit, acro_trainer_lookahead_ms, acro_trainer_debug_axis, acro_trainer_gain )
Nevertheless, I feel that there is no such thing as a drawback with default worth.

Air mode

Air mode

Along with the varied flight modes talked about above, there’s a operate referred to as “Air mode” that assists angle management even when throttle is about to zero.
That is helpful for trick flights comparable to zero throttle throughout flight.

For instance, within the case of vertical descent (free fall), throttle is about to zero, however right now, plane might rotate in improper route because of air resistance and stability of the plane.
In Air mode, even in such a case, propeller is turned (persevering with PID operation loop) to regulate the angle.

Additionally, even when throttle shouldn’t be zero, Air mode correction might trigger the flight to drift fluffy.
Extra particulars on the habits of Air mode could be discovered within the “Air mode” part of

Modes (Betaflight WiKi)

web page.

Nevertheless, if Air mode is enabled, angle management will work even when the throttle is about to zero on the time of touchdown, so drone might bounce on the bottom after touchdown.
To keep away from this, flip off Air mode earlier than touchdown.

Betaflight’s official web site (Betaflight WiKi)

recommends utilizing a 3-position change to set it in order that it may be switched between [Disarm]-[Arm]-[Arm + Air mode].

The right way to set Air mode to 3-position change (for Betaflight)

Right here, we are going to introduce set the Air mode to the 3-position change on a drone geared up with Betaflight firmware.


Launch Betaflight Configurator and join drone to your PC with USB cable.
Open “Configuration” display screen and switch off “AIR MODE (Permanently enable Airmode)”.
Then click on “Save and Reboot” on the backside proper of this display screen.


Join drone and Betaflight Configurator once more and open “Modes” display screen.
On account of above operation, “AIR MODE” must be displayed on “Modes” display screen.
Set channel to the identical channel as Arm (right here AUX1: CH5) and set pulse vary to 1700-2100μsec.


Additionally examine “Arm” setting on “Modes” display screen.
pulse vary appears to be set to 1700-2100μsec. Change this to 1300-2100μsec.
Then click on “Save” on the backside proper of this display screen.
Drone setup is now full.

After that, assign a 3-position change to “Arm” channel (AUX1: CH5 on this case) with radio, and also you’re carried out.
When flight mode of drone is about to ACRO and 3-position change is about to “center”, Arm is carried out with flight mode set to “ACRO”.
When the change is turned “up”, flight mode ought to change to “AIR” whereas nonetheless armed.

Turtle mode

When the drone is turned over, it’s a operate to rise up by rotating one of many entrance and rear or left and proper propellers at excessive pace.
With a drone geared up with this characteristic, you do not have to show over by hand.
Usually, you’ll be able to function the change on the controller to change the drone to turtle mode and function the elevator or aileron on the keep on with rise up.
Also referred to as “Flip Over After Crash”.

Nevertheless, a drone with a wheelbase of 65 mm has a small output, so it could not have the ability to flip properly.

In Silverware firmware

Disarm drone when it flips over and allow “Turtle” mode.
Then, “TURTLE” is displayed on OSD display screen, so when you function elevator or aileron with Disarm, the drone will rise up.
After that, you’ll be able to proceed flying by enabling Arm.

In Betaflight firmware

Disarm drone when it flips over and allow “Flip Over After Crash” mode.
After that, when Arming, “CRASH FLIP” is displayed on OSD display screen, so when you function elevator or aileron with Arm, the drone will rise up.
Then disarm, disable Flip Over After Crash mode, after which Arm once more to proceed flight.

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