Turnabout Massive Prime

Phoenix Wright
(Fabulous… This thriller simply retains getting deeper…)

is the third and penultimate episode in . The case is essentially a filler episode and would not considerably affect the general storyline, however it explains the circumstances behind Miles Edgeworth‘s “death”. On this episode, a well-known magician is suspected of murdering the circus’s ringleader. Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey examine the circus and its colourful solid of entertainers to defend Max in opposition to prosecutor Franziska von Karma.


  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 Dec. 26
  • 3 Dec. 28
    • 3.1 Investigation
  • 4 Dec. 29
    • 4.1 Trial
      • 4.1.1 Former session
      • 4.1.2 Latter session
    • 4.2 Investigation
  • 5 Dec. 30
    • 5.1 Trial
      • 5.1.1 Former session
      • 5.1.2 Latter session
    • 5.2 Aftermath
  • 6 In the meantime…
  • 7 References in different circumstances
  • 8 References to fashionable tradition
  • 9 Anime adjustments
  • 10 Trivia
  • 11 Contradictions
    • 11.1 Rise from the Retcon
    • 11.2 Perplexing puppet
    • 11.3 Forgetting that the Magician’s Code was forgotten?
  • 12 Notes
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    • 12.2 Monkey music
    • 12.3 Accusing the choose
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Prologue[edit | edit source]

All that may be seen is darkness. Abruptly, a drum roll begins and an announcer begins to talk:

Girls and Gents! Boys and Women! Welcome to the present! Put together to witness a person who has mastered the surprise of flight…

Lights come on to disclose a large lion’s head bathed in purple gentle. The sunshine turns from purple to blue and jets of smoke blast up on the entrance of the mouth. The smoke disappears to disclose a person carrying a purple prime hat and cape. The voice-over continues:

The World’s Biggest Magician… The one… The one… Maximillion Galactica!

Galactica within the highlight.

Galactica then proceeds to fly up and out of the lion’s mouth into the air. He soars throughout the circus enviornment and viewers beneath earlier than twirling on the spot, wrapping himself in his cape, then disappearing, leaving solely his hat and cape which drop to the bottom beneath to rapturous applause from the awed viewers.

Dec. 26[edit | edit source]

The doorway to the Berry Massive Circus when Wright, Maya and Pearl left.

On the Berry Massive Circus Entrance, Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey and an awestruck Pearl Fey talked in regards to the present that they’d simply seen. Maya took Pearl dwelling on the final practice with Wright promising to scrub his workplace for the New 12 months. Pearl wished him a contented New 12 months and left.

Dec. 28[edit | edit source]

Investigation[edit | edit source]

Two days later, a distraught Maya referred to as Wright about an ongoing TV information report a few homicide on the Berry Massive Circus. Galactica had been arrested because the prime suspect. Wright arrived two hours later to search out Maya insisting that Galactica would by no means kill anybody, and the magician applauded at her “fabulous” zeal. After some wooing of Maya involving a card trick, Galactica claimed that he had joined the “dinosaur” circus to revitalize it and that his act had made all the opposite circus performances out of date.

Max Galactica’s assembly with the ringmaster.

Galactica informed them that, through the earlier night time, Russell Berry, the circus ringmaster, had been been discovered slumped over after being smashed over the top. The police had introduced Galactica in for thorough questioning, since he had been the final particular person to see the ringmaster earlier than his homicide. When requested about his assembly with the ringmaster, Galactica claimed that it was a few elevate to his wage, however three Psyche-Locks appeared. He additionally did not consider that they’d really arrest the “fabulous” Maximillion Galactica as a suspect, however he ultimately caved to actuality and reverted to his true self, that of “country bumpkin” Billy Bob Johns. He begged Wright to assist him earlier than composing himself once more and apologizing for his sudden outburst. Wright ultimately agreed to change into his protection lawyer and he and Maya left to start their investigation.

The circus entrance was nonetheless swarming with police. On the lodging home plaza, the duo discovered Dick Gumshoe, who sounded uncharacteristically restrained and barely fed up along with his job. The detective talked about that the prosecutor for the case was Franziska von Karma, and that Wright would positively be dropping this time. Maya took the chance to ask about Miles Edgeworth, however Wright angrily demanded that she not speak in regards to the man, stating merely that he was gone.

The crime scene photograph.

Gumshoe started to return to his standard self, displaying them {a photograph} of the crime scene and speaking in regards to the curious lack of any footprints from the killer. Galactica’s silk hat, certainly one of his three emblems, had been recovered from the scene of the crime. Gumshoe additionally talked about the magician’s unpopularity with the remainder of the circus performers and the presence of an eyewitness, although the blundering detective mistakenly implied that stated witness was contained in the lodging home, although Wright and Maya discovered nobody inside the primary flooring.

On the Massive Prime, a tiger greeted the pair by leaping onto Wright. Abruptly, a lady commanded the tiger to heel and keep, and the massive cat complied. The woman informed them that the “cute tiger”, named “Regent”, rarely bites folks. Wright and Maya shortly succumbed to her allure, agreeing to letting her attempt on Maya’s clothes and that Wright was fortunate to have had his encounter with the tiger.

The bubbly woman launched herself as Regina Berry, the animal tamer. To Wright’s and Maya’s confusion, she appeared unperturbed by her father’s loss of life. She pointed them within the route of the Ringmaster’s room, the place Russell and Galactica had their assembly. Regina additionally revealed that each Max Galactica and “a tenor who sings in the circus” named “Trilo” had professed their like to her on the identical day. Not fully stunned with Regina’s recognition, Wright and Maya left to research the Ringmaster’s room.


The poster of Galactica that Maya swiped.

Upon arriving on the workplace, Maya turned excited on the sight of the numerous posters protecting the partitions of the room and requested Wright if she may take one, which he flatly refused. Nevertheless, by that point she had already swiped one, a lot to Wright’s frustration. Additionally they discovered a paper detailing Galactica’s wage negotiation and observed (after some shock on the wage quantity) that it was dated the earlier week. Galactica was mendacity about his assembly with the ringmaster.

The duo returned to the circus entrance to discover a man close by carrying an outsized bow tie and looking out fairly nervous and absent-minded. Though denying being a circus performer regardless of his apparel, the pair managed to be taught that he was the circus’s ventriloquist, Benjamin Woodman, or “Ben” for brief. Woodman struggled to speak, stuttering solely that Galactica wasn’t very good earlier than complaining that his head damage. Wright moved on earlier than his empathy obtained to him.

Again on the lodging home, Moe the circus’s clown greeted the duo excitedly in his room. To Wright’s frustration, Moe stored telling terrible jokes and horrible puns, although Maya fairly loved Moe’s comedic type. Nevertheless, the subject of the ringmaster’s loss of life precipitated the clown to change into severe and even offended. Russell Berry had based the circus 20 years prior and had been a great and respectable man who would fortunately pay his staff out of his personal pocket if wanted.

Moe then admitted that he was the prosecution’s eyewitness, confirming what Gumshoe had stated earlier about Galactica’s unpopularity. After having Wright inform a joke, Moe claimed that he had heard an extremely loud “THUMP” noise from exterior simply earlier than going to mattress. He had jumped off the bed to see a shadowy determine towering over Russell Berry’s corpse that, in Moe’s thoughts, may solely be Galactica. Moreover, within the circus cafeteria, the magician had hit Woodman over the top on the morning of the day wherein Russell was murdered. Moe then gave the pair a map of the circus and informed them that Woodman can be extra talkative if he had his puppet Trilo. A fast inspection of the soiled cafeteria revealed a damaged bottle on the ground, which Wright took. He then determined that it was time to pay Maximillion Galactica one other go to.

On the detention heart, when requested about his unpopularity, Galactica said that the “dinosaurs” had been simply jealous of him and that solely Regina understood. The magician went on to inform them that he had plans to marry her, though surprisingly Regina had by no means talked about marriage. Galactica then informed Wright that he had met with the ringmaster at 10 p.m. on the night time of the homicide. After observe was completed, he had headed straight to his room, though the ringmaster had stepped out to take care of one thing however by no means returned.

Wright lastly determined to resolve this assembly. He firstly confronted Galactica with the papers proving that his wage had already been negotiated every week earlier than, breaking one of many Psyche-Locks. Wright then introduced the damaged bottle that he had discovered within the cafeteria, which broke one other lock, and completed by saying that Galactica had used the bottle to hit Woodman, breaking the ultimate lock.


The combat between Regina’s suitors.

Galactica lastly admitted that he had been referred to as to the ringmaster’s workplace due to an incident that had occurred at breakfast. He and Woodman had been arguing about Regina because the ventriloquist had additionally professed his love for her, and that had led to the bottle incident. In Russell’s workplace, Galactica seized the chance to debate his plans to marry his “sweetie pie”. Apparently, Russell had replied, “Sounds good to me,” which is why Galactica believed Regina to be his “sweetie pie” and nobody else’s. He had then angrily hidden Woodman’s puppet “Trilo Quist” within the room. Nevertheless, he determined that Woodman had suffered sufficient and requested Wright and Maya to return Trilo to the ventriloquist.

Discovering Trilo shoved beneath a bookshelf and a nervous Woodman within the cafeteria, Wright and Maya reunited puppet and puppeteer. As they turned to depart, nonetheless, the puppet appeared to bark at them to speak to him. “Trilo” shortly turned out to have a slightly abrasive persona totally different from Woodman’s, and he angrily informed Wright to handle him, virtually as if he had been a special particular person fully. He defined his plans to marry Regina earlier than leaving for court docket to submit himself as a witness.

Returning to the Massive Prime, Wright was as soon as once more assaulted, this time by a circus monkey, who stole his lawyer’s badge. Regina informed Wright that the monkey’s identify was Cash and that Moe would in all probability know the place it had gone. When requested about her potential suitors, Regina appeared oblivious to to the wedding proposals in addition to Trilo actually being a puppet. Once they returned to Moe to ask about this, Moe replied that Regina lived in a dream world, having grown up round dancing animals and flying males and never realizing a lot about the actual world. Moe then informed them that Cash had a special proprietor, Acro the acrobat, and confirmed them to his room on the third flooring of the lodging home, although he gave the impression to be absent.

Wright and Maya set about looking via Cash’s horde of shiny objects to discover a fork, a mirror, a cheap-looking wristwatch, a heavy trophy, and, lastly, Wright’s badge. Wright additionally discovered a hoop with “From T to R” engraved on it. He then determined that it was time to wrap up their investigation for the day. Maya informed him to not fear about Moe and Trilo since they’d a magician on their facet, however Wright felt that they “might need some magic tomorrow”.

Dec. 29[edit | edit source]

Trial[edit | edit source]

Former session[edit | edit source]

In Defendant Foyer No. 5, Wright and Maya discovered a nervous Galactica, who apparently could not perform on stage and not using a glass of milk. They talked about flying into the courtroom to lighten the temper earlier than the choose opened the trial in Courtroom No. 2. The choose stalled, explaining that, having a grandchild who was a fan of Galactica, he had been stunned by Galactica’s actual identify, and he determined that referring to the magician by his stage identify would sound friendlier. In the meantime, von Karma declared that she refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of Wright’s win over her, earlier than calling Gumshoe onto the stand.

The detective informed the court docket that, on the night time of the crime, snow had been falling till 9:40 p.m. making it extraordinarily chilly exterior. The entire circus performers had gathered within the Massive Prime to observe their routines, breaking apart at round 10 p.m. The homicide had taken place within the plaza in entrance of the lodging home at 10:15 p.m. The sufferer was discovered bent over a picket field, having been killed from blunt drive trauma that snapped a vertebra in his neck. Gumshoe then submitted Russell Berry’s post-mortem report back to the court docket. Wright led his preliminary cross-examination by asking in regards to the picket field that the sufferer was discovered with. It was revealed to be heavy, locked and containing solely a single object: a small condiment bottle stuffed with pepper.


Max Galactica?

Benjamin Woodman was the following witness. The choose turned confused when “Trilo” started to reply his questions, however he was promptly whipped into transferring on. Trilo testified that, after observe, he and Woodman had left with Moe however left him on the circus entrance. Whereas on the entrance, he noticed Galactica, and solely Galactica, move by him heading in direction of the plaza, so he needed to be the killer. Trilo was positive it was the magician as a result of trademark hat, cape and white roses that he had worn. When the choose questioned why Trilo wasn’t a suspect, von Karma introduced the silk hat discovered on the crime scene.

When Wright requested in regards to the sufferer’s absence from Trilo’s testimony, von Karma stated that the ringmaster and the magician had been in a gathering on the time, earlier than the killer had arrived. Wright requested Trilo why he was ready out within the chilly for half an hour, and it turned apparent that he was ready for Regina Berry. Wright concluded that Trilo would not have paid anybody else who walked by a second thought, and the puppet admitted this. He had deliberate to provide an engagement ring to Regina that night time whereas proposing, however since Regina did not seem he nonetheless had it in his pocket.


The engagement ring.

To Trilo’s shock, Wright revealed that he had discovered the ring in Cash’s treasure pile. After straightening out the choose, who thought folks had been slandering foreign money, Woodman informed the court docket that Cash had stolen the ring after Galactica confirmed up within the plaza. Woodman had given chase, however was unable to maintain up with the nimble primate. Wright instantly identified that nobody was watching the doorway to the plaza throughout this chase, and he additionally questioned Trilo’s reliability attributable to his animosity in direction of Galactica. Nonetheless, the choose allowed him to testify as soon as extra.

Trilo once more talked about his supposed encounter with Galactica 5 minutes into his look ahead to Regina. Though he had wished the person “good evening”, his presence was not even acknowledged. Wright discovered it unlikely that Trilo would have acted so cordially in direction of his fierce rival, and concluded that Trilo should have seen the sufferer. Trilo stammered that he had thought the determine was the ringmaster at first, however then assumed it was Galactica as a result of symbols, and von Karma agreed to this, however Wright retorted even Russell Berry may have worn the emblems. Von Karma was not completed, nonetheless; Wright had confirmed that just one particular person was seen coming into the plaza, however the subsequent witness would show that this particular person was Max Galactica. The choose referred to as for a ten minute recess for preparation of this witness.

Latter session[edit | edit source]

The protection group regrouped within the defendant foyer. Galactica all of the sudden remembered that he had gone to the ringmaster’s room nonetheless wearing his stage garments. Wright thought that it was doable that Russell may have helped himself to them on his method out of their assembly. The magician questioned why the ringmaster would disguise himself in such a method. He additionally identified that solely his silk hat was discovered on the crime scene with no signal of the cloak.

Courtroom reconvened, and von Karma referred to as Moe to the stand, although it took some whip-based “encouragement” for Moe to state his identify and career. At first, the nervous clown tried to inform some jokes, however he was the one one who laughed at them. He admitted that he had not made anybody snort in ten years, as a substitute assembly with vacant stares and well mannered applause. Von Karma assured him that she would get certainly one of her workers (Wright guessed Gumshoe) to take heed to his story later, after which Moe started his actual testimony.

After observe, Moe had returned to his room instantly since he was exhausted. He had considered going straight to sleep, however earlier than he did he glanced out of the window to see two figures, solely silhouettes as a result of 30-foot distance. He was positive that they had been the ringmaster and Galactica, who was carrying his cloak. As he watched, he noticed Galactica all of the sudden strike Russell over the top. The choose and von Karma then warned Wright to not push this “off-kilter” witness too far via his questioning, and that he can be held accountable fo

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