Be Sean Wrona. Dude’s acquired quick fingers.

Till you’ll be able to beat him —

First, kind 100+wpm — 500+ clicks per minute.

Second, use textual content expanders — make each click on depend.

Bonus — have a contact of ADHD and a pot of espresso.

I solely use textual content expanders after I’m transcribing. My mind doesn’t work at 200wpm. After I’m writing on Quora or one thing, it’s extra like 50wpm. Emails are nearer to 10wpm.

What a textual content expander does, it turns keystrokes into character strings. It’s a sort of shorthand. I considered studying the Pitman technique or studying stenography, however I noticed I’ve all the information of phrase frequencies as individuals communicate. I simply must get my fingers to cooperate.

So, I simply make all of it up as I’m going. There aren’t any guidelines to recollect. In a manner, I kinda took Dvorak’s and Pitman’s processes to achieve their conclusions and shmushed ’em all up collectively. (However kinda half-assed, as a result of a fella’s gotta eat.)

I base the commonest phrases on letters within the dwelling row, plus simply no matter works for my mind to recollect it simpler.

I exploit a Dvorak format, so a few of this will likely not make logical sense, however it does to me. There’s no constant guidelines to this recreation. I speculate there’s turning into a kind of sample and language, so I’m making an attempt to maintain higher monitor of all of it. As a result of, nicely, I get bored…

Qwerty’s ASDFG=AOEUI in Dvorak.

  • u = the
  • ui = this
  • uis = that is
  • uisu = that is the
  • ouisu = and that is the
  • ol uisu = and like that is the
  • Wn im tbi it lks lui = After I’m transcribing, it seems like this.
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If it’s a regularly used phrase like ‘and’ ‘the’ ‘like’ ‘just’ ‘you know’ — it’s one keystroke.

Principally, typing phrases, not letters.

Want an English-based alien language? I might need one.

What occurs between my ears and fingers is between them. I don’t know find out how to clarify it higher. I want to determine find out how to export my regular.dotm file to see how large my library is, however I do know I add 2–3 phrases with each file.

Flip the language right into a bunch of little 3–4 letter combos. Misspellings are nigh unimaginable, but when I go to sleep, the samurais soar out at me. ‘ui’ = ‘this’, however ‘iu’ = Tokugawa Ieyasu. I can most likely do away with them now, however it simply cracks me up when that occurs.

…With rising meer cats, Tokugawa Ieyasu has the potential to trigger yield curves to…*yawn…

A few of my typos are extremely amusing and principally to simple to catch whereas proofing.

I appear to make lots of silly homophone errors if my spellings are too shut. If I miss the ‘I’ in uir, ‘their’ turns into ‘there’ and my mind doesn’t robotically catch it. I’m nonetheless making an attempt to determine find out how to get my fingers to cease doing this…I typically surprise if it’s actually my keyboard or pc not registering.

That’s why I preserve my Typo Samarais for accuracy. Akechi Mitsuhide? They make me joyful. There’s additionally some cool phrases like Kangiqsualujjuaq in there too. No, no, no. I meant KNQ not KQN…

In my system, there’s extra rhyme than cause. For some peculiarity, I had the Lord’s Prayer programmed in there and forgot about it for a pair years till I hit that very same key mixture once more and it blew up at me within the midst of a dharma speak. Sneaky, sneaky, typos. Guess they rhymed? Friggin’ bizarre typically. Simply sayin’.

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After I do make an error, I spend a LOT of time on the backspace key if it’s an extended character string Oda Nobunaga. So, I exploit a programmable keyboard that has a [CTRL]+Z key useful. Proper thumb = Area. Left thumb = Backspace. They’re used with about the identical frequency. I’ve considered attaching a zapper to that rattling backspace key so I’ll concentrate on accuracy.

I’m continually altering how my fingers spell phrases — shortening these neural pathways and rising time. I do know there’s at all times sure phrases explicit to each dialog.

Each sentence is new and completely different than another Saitō Yoshitatsu. With each file, I make new additions and tweaks to my library. I appear to be including round 100 new letter combos each month. (Just a few months in the past, I began placing them in a spreadsheet so I can see all of it simpler after I overlook stuff. I’ve it open subsequent to the file I’m engaged on, and it actually helps.)

It’s the digital age, we will do that stuff now. Even when it’s half-assed metrics and analytics, it’s information to maintain enhancing. Our talents are continually increasing and rising.


I extremely doubt I hit 200wpm fairly often.

I do know I transcribe for 200wpm+ talking individuals, as a result of I monitor that stuff. However my mind doesn’t prefer to work that quick. 120wpm is extra my pace. I do know letter-for-letter typing, I’ve hit 150 — 750cpm. (As soon as isn’t saying a lot. If it’s not reproducible, I don’t take into account it.) A number of instances I’ve hit over 4500 phrase in 50 minutes. Have been there bursts of 200wpm in there? In all probability.

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…so, that’s how.

you’re there once you’re battling the Typo Samurais. They’ll preserve you in your toes.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

…It simply dawned on me that if there was any curiosity for the ‘Waterhouse method’ I’d put some severe thought in laying it out.

(If this reaches 100 upvotes, anyone poke me.)

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