For in that sleep of demise what goals might come

when we have now shuffled off this mortal coil, should give us pause.

-Hamlet, Hamlet

So… you could have watched the Pokéthon broadcast, and browse the documentation, and it’s possible you’ll expect some explanations. We current to you the preliminary rundown and evaluation of all of the prototype property for Technology I video games that we printed proper right here.

As a response to among the commentaries and criticisms of how we went concerning the launch, we’ve added some notes and made some adjustments to this text. Pokéthon didn’t go precisely as deliberate; we had no intentions to trick the group, we’re a extremely small web site and we couldn’t care much less about views or clickbaity shenanigans. Our principal intention is, and at all times shall be, sharing our findings with the group as quickly as we show their legitimacy. Nobody on the workforce has ever launched one thing of this magnitude, so we’re studying from this error in communication.
Because of this, we’d wish to apologize in that regard, and we’ve eliminated the fan names we made for the MissingNos and any references to our ‘restoration’ romhack’s interpretations from this text, as a way to forestall any additional confusion. There have additionally been some edits made for factual correction and clarification, naturally.

As there’s an unimaginable quantity of knowledge to undergo, that is solely a abstract of crucial elements of the prototype knowledge given to us. Now we have no different knowledge from this, as that is all that we got. Moreover, the codecs through which we got the information had been non-negotiable (i.e. ROMs had been off the desk).

Early Title Screens

Do these look acquainted to you? We’ve seen each of those logos earlier than: on the map sheet for Capsule Monsters, and the Kaiju Index’s cowl. Rhyhorn seems like its early design, with no drill sample on its horn.

Not misplaced to printer inkIf solely we had it in greater decision… oh, wait

The MissingNo. Household Robinson

On the whole information, MissingNo. is a glitch Pokémon created from rubbish knowledge. By way of hints like the interior index order and leftover knowledge, like cries, hypothesis arose that these had been Pokémon that had been deleted and overwritten. Just a few of the MissingNo. identities had been already identified from sources like Satoshi Tajiri’s not too long ago printed biographical manga and an NHK broadcast that exposed some early Capumon designs. The data that we acquired served to additional unmask the minimize Pokémon. MissingNo. was by no means Ho-Oh, Lugia, Nidogod, Pikablu, Togepi, Yoshi, Charcolt, or Venustoise…….. it was these guys. And we’re so glad to have them again. For probably the most half, we solely received again sprites, not entrance sprites, so we needed to take some liberties as to what these Pokémon resembled or had been based mostly on, and recreated them for the Pokéthon presentation. For the aim of readability, there’s no fanmade content material on this article.

There’s solely three unidentified MissingNo. left, not counting revisions that had been overwritten or the Fossil/Ghost sprite slots

21 (Omega), who everyone knows and love, isn’t right here as a result of Mew overwrote its spot! Nonetheless, its title is discovered within the cry checklist. Omega, seen in the Capumon pitch paperwork, is predicated fairly closely on robotic kaiju corresponding to Mechagodzilla.

Crimson and Inexperienced’s early sprite model typically resembles super-deformed variations of kaiju characters.Gyaoon’s entrance sprite from the Tajiri Manga

31 (Gyaoon) – Gyaoon (initially Gyace), the second Capumon sprite, has had a rocky historical past, and appears to have impressed Tyranitar afterward. We additionally know from the Recreation Informer cry checklist that it as soon as had Ivysaur’s authentic cry. Its backsprite might replicate adjustments that had been made to its design by the point of the Tajiri Manga ballot. As we already know from our evaluation of the index checklist adjustments, Gyaoon was plucked from slot 1 of the checklist pretty early on and brought on a small restructuring of the index order. It’s potential that one other Pokémon was initially in slot 31, after which it was deleted to make room for Gyaoon’s newer design.. after which even that was deleted. Woo-hoo.

32 (Nidorino Lookalike) might be an earlier spot for Nidorino. It has two horns on its again, like Nidorina, and has Nidorino’s common physique form and ears. It additionally seems like a much bigger Nidoran M…. Like Shellos and Gastrodon, perhaps Nidorino and Nidorina had been as soon as one, however…. How would that even work? Why did it change? Nidorino and Nidorina’s closing spots are very late, proper after Raticate; maybe the ultimate Nidorino overwrote a 3rd Rattata-line evolution…?

Barunda’s entrance sprite from the Tajiri Manga.

50 (Barunda) – Barunda ended up being in a distinct slot than our hypothesized slot 81 (which is the place Mikon is). The entire Pokémon seen within the Tajiri Manga had been fairly shut collectively index number-wise, it appears. We’re conscious of Barunda’s title as a result of it was voted for within the Tajiri Manga’s poll. Jigglypuff was in all probability the opposite potential design for Barunda, as there have been (a) and (b) designs on the time of the manga ballot, and Jigglypuff in the end appeared to have been most well-liked over Barunda.

The title “Buu” from the Tajiri Manga poll

52 (Buu?) – You may say so much about this one instantly. Its design is certain to convey up some… conversations. The lacking ‘Ice Punch Yokai’, and presumably Jynx’s male counterpart, MissingNo. 52 may be very unlucky. We expect it was impressed by “Woo”, the same yeti-like kaiju with a darkish face from Ultraman. Woo was truly a feminine of its species, which can clarify the character of Jynx, and maybe additionally the explanation for 52’s elimination. As a bonus, if its title is basically “Buu” (seen within the Tajiri Manga ballot as a reputation on the poll), it’s an apparent play on “Woo” – and it stands between “Elebuu” and “Buuber” within the index, bridging the names of the trio. If there’s something that we’ve realized from this, it’s that the Recreation Freak workers adored Ultraman.

Deer’s title and entrance sprite from the Tajiri Manga

56 (Deer) – Deer’s right here. Its backsprite doesn’t counsel that any adjustments occurred to it between the Tajiri Manga and proper earlier than it was canned. It could have ultimately been redesigned into Stantler for Technology II.

61’s entrance sprite from the Tajiri Manga

61 (???ko/???ro) – The elephant from the Tajiri Manga can be right here! Now we all know for certain that it had 4 tusks. We nonetheless don’t know the start of its title due to the way in which it was minimize off within the manga, but when the kana there’s truly コ ko, it could possibly be a pun on a well-known elephant in Japan named Hanako. Judging by how the following elephant Pokémon was Floor, perhaps this one was, too.

Crocky within the Tajiri Manga, with hair

62 (Crocky) – Crocky’s backsprite has spikes on its head slightly than hair – a design alteration that was seen within the Tajiri Manga, drawn on high of its authentic sprite.

122, the supposed evolutionary relative063

63 and 122 – A squidlike pair. There isn’t any proof within the documentation as to their relation, however visually, 63 might have advanced into 122. 63 seems a bit of like Omanyte; 122, however, resembles a myriad of squid designs in different video video games, like Blooper from Mario, or Squishy from Kirby. 63 may have been a standalone Pokémon with no evolution for some time earlier than 122 was added. It may have been based mostly on an ink pen. Flash was initially referred to as “Squid Ink”, additional supporting this principle. Seems to be just like the victory goes to Octillery.

Entrance sprite from Tajiri Manga

67 (Cactus) – Cactus is again as standard and so is its cry. From our earlier analysis, we nonetheless suppose it may have been a resident of the desert seen within the idea artwork, if that concept ever even received out of the idea stage.

Jagg’s entrance sprite

68 (Jagg) – Jagg is Jagg, nothing unsuitable with that. We first noticed it within the Tajiri Manga, and its backsprite exhibits that it had a dorsal fin.

69 (Zubat Pre-evolution)… good. The thriller of the similar Zubat cry is solved – both it by no means received far sufficient to have a definite cry, or Zubat had a deeper cry and it took 69’s cry as a substitute when it was deleted. It looks as if GF had a tough time making this man, wanting like a Halloween ornament over right here. It could have had … solely a mouth? Arduous to inform.

79 and 80 – These two are a bit of complicated – they appear to be birdlike at first look, however then you definately additionally discover the fins. They appear to be based mostly on flying fish or betta fish… or the Cheep-Cheeps from Mario. Movesets additionally exist for them, which we shall be speaking about quickly.

81 (Mikon) – Oh, GF. You had been gonna have Mikon from the beginning, which explains the Pokedex entries being like that even within the first technology, however you cheekily dropped the (Poke)ball – twice! Mikon doesn’t match with our hypotheses or the patterns we had made, however we didn’t learn about any of these different pre-evolutions present in Gen 1, both. Its cry is unusual and appears unfitting for the Vulpix line. Both means, we’re glad it’s right here.

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What ARE you?

86, 87, and the artwork of attempting to decipher a backsprite that was nearly solely a head: the latest bestselling biopic. The recognizable topknot on 86 gave away that it was one thing Japanese-based. We initially thought: ninja crickets (based mostly round Substitute initially being referred to as “Cast-off Cicada Shell”), with the orbs on the pinnacle being eyes. We additionally theorized the Kokana/Kasanagi Beedrill prototypes, however that didn’t appear to suit, both (and it’s unlikely that the Beedrill line received moved round when it was redesigned). Our favourite thought was… preventing or sumo-wrestling frogs. The orbs on it could possibly be the cheeks of a frog. It’s additionally surrounded by Japanese culture-based Pokémon like Ninetales (kitsune) and Pikachu (daifuku). These two actually need some clarification.

All within the Household

94 and 95 are subsequent to one another and have their very own cries, and 174 was added close to the very finish, with no cry in any respect. This lizard- or dragon-like household was a three-stage evolutionary line… And, to be sincere, the third evolution seems prefer it belongs in Bubble Bobble or Kirby. They could possibly be based mostly on Chinese language water dragons, that are lizards widespread to China that spend time in watery areas and are widespread as pets. 94 and 95 are proper by Sandshrew and Sandslash – the pangolins – so the China/Pacific space as a theme might have been potential.

115 – Nothing. No matter was right here was gone. If we adopted index checklist patterns, it could have been an evolution of an earlier ‘mon from the 60-80 vary.

121 – This one can be lacking. It was probably an evolution, too.

127 (Psyduck Center Evolution) – Psyduck had a center evolution… which was in all probability minimize for redundancy and/or steadiness causes. It has evolution knowledge proving its place within the “family tree”, in addition to a moveset. Its cry is unusual, and should have been some type of error or typo, as switching round two of the numbers provides it a cry that makes extra sense. Here’s a principle that we got here up with: perhaps its Japanese title was “Zuduck”, if the Psyduck line was a mirror to the Zubat line: (“Kobat” -> Zubat -> Golbat / Koduck -> “Zuduck” -> Golduck). That is solely a speculation, although.

134 within the GCCX Kaiju Zukan video. The picture is just too unclear

134 (Konya) – Meow! This Meowth pre-evolution was current at Spaceworld, however this appears to be an earlier model. Its backsprite seems extra prefer it was standing up at this level, as a substitute of in Spaceworld, the place it was mendacity down; moreover, the tail is lengthy and straightened as a substitute of quick and curled. It’s additionally noticeably larger than Meowth’s again sprite, however as we noticed within the Tajiri manga ballot, Meowth was larger earlier on, so this may occasionally clarify the discrepancy. 134 was additionally noticed in the GCCX video, however we’re unsure how properly it matches up with the blurry sprite, which is usually unrecognizable proper now.

This slot was crammed… as soon as

135 – One other empty slot. We solely have exterior data for this one – the GCCX Kaiju Zukan footage. Contemplating some sprites like Venusaur and Cloyster had been moved to later slots, 135 may very well have been Weezing, as its sprite does appear to suit the blur.

137– It shares a cry base with Gyaoon, so… it’s in all probability Child Gyaoon!! As a pre-evolution, it may have been the unique occupant for slot 31 earlier than Gyaoon took it over… Its disgusted expression is so treasured. It resembles the Substitute doll a bit, doesn’t it?


140 (Magneton copy?). It’s much like 032 – its backsprite is like Magneton with some variations, like lacking the magnets on its different orbs, and it simply doesn’t appear to make sense as a standalone Pokémon. Index-wise, Magneton was very early, this one was someplace within the center, and Magnemite was pretty late. They appeared to have been attempting out one thing right here, maybe an early pre-evolution of Magneton or a center evolution between Magnemite and Magneton, and it was in all probability minimize as a consequence of redundancy or perhaps steadiness causes. We marvel if maybe it had extra to its physique than might be seen within the again sprite.

There’s a Justin Bieber tune about this

146 (Marowak evolution) – That is the one we had been all very shocked by. The widespread fan principle that Cubone is a child Kangaskhan got here true, in a twisted type of means; now it looks as if they had been at all times meant to be linked collectively – the Marowak evolution is separate from Kangaskhan, however they share the identical theme. In the long run, it might have turn into a loving guardian to its child Cubone, perhaps even having adopted it (in any case, it nonetheless has a cranium on its head.) It could possibly be holding the infant, or it could have a pouch like Kangaskhan. We will’t inform for certain what’s happening in these pixels.

156 (Gyopin) – Gyopin was current in Spaceworld 1997, however this appears to be its earliest incarnation. , Gyopin makes a bit extra sense now that we all know it was the unique first step on this evolution tree. It received so far as having a moveset and evolution knowledge, too!

159 (Kotora), 160 (Raitora-1), and 161 (Raitora-2) – Like we stated. It’s Kotora, as we noticed within the GCCX video and in Spaceworld. However….. we weren’t anticipating a three-stage line. Raitora appeared to have been initially two completely different Pokémon, and was mixed right into a two-stage line for Technology 2. This considerably mirrors Pikachu’s historical past, sarcastically, the place it had three phases initially, but it surely had become two by Gen 1’s launch.

162 (Puchicorn) – Like Mikon, this one additionally corroborates the Pokédex entries. It looks as if Puchicorn, Kotora, and Gyopin’s evolutionary households might have fashioned a trio!

172 (Blastoise Pre-evo?) was an actual toughie to determine. We thought it was some type of cow or pig initially, because the circle on its nostril resembled a nostril ring. This led us to suppose it was a pre-evolution of Tauros. Then we realized that the nostril ring could possibly be a bubble. And the issues on its again would then be bubble CANNONS. Blastoise had seemingly been given a pre-evolution when 181 was nonetheless the ultimate evolution for Wartortle.

175 (Gorochu). We thought we noticed a walrus / With icy conceal and horn / We regarded once more (on the prototype evolution desk), and located it was / Gorochu, lengthy forlorn! Oh, for all the thrill of life, we have now Gorochu! And, uh, it solely has one horn, not two! We additionally don’t know what the spikes on the again are – they could possibly be a tail, or maybe a cloud, like some folks have theorized since Gorochu’s description gave the impression to be Raijin-esque.

181 (Wartortle Evolution) is, as proven within the evolution checklist, Wartortle’s true evolution, proper the place we hypothesized it to be. Yay! It had just one transfer within the unfinished moveset checklist, however Squirtle and Wartortle had full movesets on the time, so we shall be analyzing that quickly. 181 was in all probability meant to be the final Pokémon designed, as 182-184 take up slots for Ghost and the 2 fossil skeletons, which weren’t meant to be catchable Pokémon – they only wanted an additional slot. The Oddish and Bellsprout strains had been added afterwards, in all probability to steadiness out the sport and enhance the variety of Grass-types.

Omega is the one MissingNo. that we knew solely from exterior data (the NHK broadcast), and its spot was eaten up by Mew. All the opposite designs, just like the Kokana line, previous Dragonair and Poliwrath, and so on. in all probability by no means took up a distinct slot since they had been edited into the prevailing Pokémon. As for the clean areas, we nonetheless actually don’t know – the blurry blobs from GCCX aren’t giving us any extra hints proper now as to the identities of the remaining lacking Pokémon.


Seemingly referred to as “dealers” internally. Some acquainted artwork in right here! We’ll go so as of their placement within the comparability desk, apart from the primary one, which is the standalone “Missing Intro Graphic” file:

Yuuichi – He’s you! This might have been the participant sprite in earlier phases of growth, and likewise matches a pose seen within the idea artwork! There are two of those, one that appears extra skilled, with a whip. It may have additionally been that as you performed, your sprite would “evolve” just like the Rival’s sprite does within the closing. The intro graphic sprite resembles the ‘shrinking’ animation frames you see within the intro when Crimson turns into the overworld sprite.

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Crimson Backsprite – Seemed slightly cartoony early on, but it surely matches with the early protagonist sprite (aside from the sleeves and black hat brim) and the idea artwork with the whip-wielding individual in the same pose.

“Student” – This one seems very tough and early design-wise. Her pose might have been borrowed and reworked into the Cooltrainer F. Like Rhydon, it looks as if she might have occupied a 0-slot as soon as.

Shinjuku Jack – In all probability probably the most weird minimize Trainers. Shinjuku is a well-liked commerce district inside Tokyo, which doesn’t actually join with this man as a nickname. It appears apparent that Jack is a robotic Coach! His title was changed by Juggler’s title, however his coach sprite was merely blanked out. Jack’s title additionally survives into Gold and Silver within the unused coach checklist, by the way in which. Jack and Omega would have made a fairly good workforce, wouldn’t they?

Firefighter – This was a cool design, however was changed with the Psychic. They may have had Water and Floor varieties. Swimmers already existed, so maybe it was minimize to diversify the ‘types’ that Trainers represented.

Silph Chief – We tried to warn you! Right here he takes his authentic spot subsequent to the Scientist. Whereas we nonetheless don’t know his objective, he might have been the President and even somebody attempting to take over the corporate, like Faba in Solar and Moon. None of his groups survived, however maybe he had Bug-types, as a result of Giovanni’s Silph groups in each earlier lists characteristic Scyther and Pinsir. Who is aware of?


Yujirou – This “C” for “Capumon” shirt child went by means of so much. The primary design for him resembles a Teen. In his second incarnation, he grew to become the proto-“first” Health club Chief that we noticed in Sugimori’s idea artwork on his Twitter. He might have been the unique Health club Chief for Viridian Metropolis. His design doesn’t appear to evoke a kind – maybe he was a Regular-type coach.

Ichitarou – Brock used to appear like Buu saga Krillin, and his title was completely different. “Ichitarou” seems like a pun on the primary in Japanese, “ichi”, however contemplating Yujirou’s standing as the primary Health club Chief, who is aware of what it meant for poor Ichitarou.

Blaine – The military man seen in Sugimori’s twitter put up! The gymnasium he could be in does have quite a lot of holes within the ground, for somebody who allegedly had bombs in his gymnasium, in keeping with Sugimori.

Junior/Umezou – We expect this man is Blue/Gary’s little brother. Right here’s why: In Japan, there’s a three-tier system used often for rating. Ume (plum) is the bottom of the three. It’s a fairly apparent pun title. Blue had an earlier title of “Take” (bamboo), the center rank. Does that make Oak “Matsu” sooner or later? It’s additionally potential he was YOUR little brother, like Ken was in Spaceworld. Who is aware of!?

Overworld NPCs

You’ll have seen that most of the NPCs have related designs however are rougher, whereas others had been minimize fully or reworked. Seeing them makes one actually respect how a lot work Recreation Freak put into making the overworld sprites appear like plausible folks. Listed below are a handful of vital personalities that we will go over in additional element at a later level:

  • Early Protagonist – You’re already aware of this man from the NHK broadcast and the New Recreation Design cowl sprites.
  • Danpei – The unique Health club coach. He’s based mostly on the coach named Danpei from Ashita no Joe, the well-known boxing manga. That features the eyepatch. Gee, I ponder why they modified him? Additionally, Danpei’s title survives internally, even in X and Y! Because of Twitter consumer pokesupe29 for pointing this out.
  • Dad/Otousan – It’s your dad… in all probability! His sprite’s elimination shifted a replica of Oak’s analysis assistants/the Scientist into his slot, so……… he actually is a thriller, isn’t he?
  • What we thought was a jet-ski turned out to be a Digital Boy! Can solely think about why this extraordinarily related gamer was eliminated.
  • Disappointingly, no signal of the feminine protagonist seen within the idea artwork – she might have been eliminated by then.

The NPC sprite in query and a picture of Danpei from Ashita no Joe’s anime

Coach Events

-Agatha had the three Eeveelutions and Tauros – becoming for Oak’s longtime rival.
-Most trainers underwent adjustments. For instance, Children had Bulbasaurs and Geodudes in every single place.
-Giovanni was a Flying-type coach. Take a look at the Earth Badge – no kidding.
-Each lists had been created after the Pokémon checklist was finalized – not one of the Missingno. are there, and the Bellsprout/Oddish strains on the finish of the index are current.

The Different Cry Record

In all probability probably the most vital items of proof given to us was the cry checklist, but it surely was truly not the one which we had partially uncovered within the Recreation Informer interview video. The names are out of order from the in-game base cry checklist, and have some unusual variations; this might have truly been made within the order that the cries had been designed or put into the sport, versus the cry checklist within the video and within the closing sport, which was extra based mostly across the Pokémon index order.

Lots of the cries match the Pokémon that they had been named for, however some… don’t.
The order and names on this cry checklist appear to indicate a really early stage of sport growth, because it looks as if the sport was initially based mostly fully round kaiju-esque creatures – the primary eight cries listed below are all kaiju Pokémon. We will see some proof of this in Capumon, the place many of the creatures – even take a look at creatures like Gorillante – resemble kaiju. Moreover, among the identified Capumon names have completely different romanized spellings that don’t fully match their Japanese kana, which can or might not point out that the names had been completely different at one level.

On the same notice, Recreation Freak meant the cry system to be like how every kaiju in collection like Godzilla and Ultraman have a particular sound that they make. Recall that Capsule Monsters had a big base within the “capsule kaiju” of Ultraman, as properly. After the primary 5 cries (excepting that of Nidoking), they in all probability began creating cries based mostly on how the Capumon regarded like they could sound (and thus named them after the precise Capumon). In truth, for those who go on the Ultraman Wiki and take a look at the cries with the identical names as Ultraman kaiju, the bottom cries might sound related. Attempt it out!

  • 0. Earthtron – The unused base cry which survives within the closing sport, it truly makes use of the title of a kaiju from Ultraman, アーストロン/Arstron, which may also be romanized as “Earthtron”. Each the ingame cry and Arstron’s cry begin with a excessive notice after which have a brief lower-pitched notice on the finish.
  • 1. Mycor – It is a romanization of “Maiko マイコー”, the early title for Nidoking. Nidoking iself is predicated on the kaiju Baragon, however no kaiju from any collection appear to have the title Mycor – it could have been authentic.
  • 2. Kingthaurus – That is one other Ultraman kaiju, Kingsaurus III. The cry is utilized by Pokémon like Aerodactyl. No Pokémon has the ‘base’ model of this cry, however each the bottom cry and Kingsaurus’ roar are a high-pitched screech.
  • 3. Sutegon – One other Ultraman kaiju, Stegon. The ingame cry (used for Graveler and others) is a deep, rolling roar, much like how Stegon sounded.
  • 4. Eleking – No, it’s not Electabuzz’s secret scrapped evolution. Eleking is an Ultraman kaiju. Its roar from the Redman collection, which is definitely the roar of Bemular, appears the closest to the cry base’s melody (used for Pokémon like Rapidash.)
  • 5. Gagarth – Rhydon’s previous title (additionally romanized as Gagars). That is the place the cry checklist begins to observe the index order… type of.
  • 6. Garura – Kangaskhan
  • 7. Gyace – Gyaoon / Gyaasu
  • 8. Omom – Spearow’s previous title, Omuomu.
  • 9. Hariusagi – This needs to be Nidoran, judging by how ハリウサギ actually means ‘needle rabbit’… and it factors to Nidoran’s cry base (1). Nidoran M’s cry is the primary base cry within the closing sport’s checklist, and was additionally the primary within the Recreation Informer video’s checklist, but it surely’s quantity 9 right here.
  • 10. Pip – Romanization of Pippi, Clefairy. The early romanizations for the names are actually fascinating.
  • 11. Biriridama – Voltorb
  • 12. Gengar
  • 13. Bettobeter – Grimer
  • 14. Tamatama – Exeggcute
  • 15. Beloringa – Lickitung
  • 16. Yaddon – Slowbro, who (as evidenced earlier than) appeared to have switched names with Slowpoke. The double D would appear to indicate that it was referred to as ヤッドン as a substitute of ヤドン, however we haven’t seen that wherever in kana kind but.
  • 17. Nasshii – Exeggutor
  • 18. Hariusagi 2 – Nidoran F
  • 19. Mycor 2 – Nidoqueen
  • 20. Fushigiso – Ivysaur. Ivysaur’s closing Japanese title is “Fushigisou”, with an prolonged “o” sound on the finish, however whether or not this was only a shorthand title or its authentic title is unknown.
  • 21. Cyhorne – Rhyhorn
  • 22. Karakara – Cubone
  • 23. Strike – Scyther
  • 24. Rapruth – Lapras
  • 25. Monjara – Tangela
  • 26. Omega
  • 27. Caiross – Pinsir
  • 28. Mimi – Staryu
  • 29. Wing – Arcanine’s early title, as seen within the NHK broadcast photograph.
  • 30. Gyaradoss – Gyarados. Undecided why it has two S on the finish, as a result of its title has by no means been seen as ギャラドッス, at the very least not by the point of the Capumon pitch doc.
  • 31. Gouth – Romanization of ゴース, Gastly
  • 32. Ambler – Tentacool’s Capumon-era title. You might need seen our social media supervisor slip up and spell it precisely this fashion a couple of months in the past as a substitute of one thing like Umblar. Oops.
  • 33. Karabatheo – Caravaggio, Blastoise’s early title.
  • 34. Shellder
  • 35. Yaddohogera – It’s Slowpoke, in keeping with the index order. “Yaddo” comes from “Yaddon”, utilizing the double D once more. “Hogera” is a nonsense phrase used as a placeholder in Japanese programming, like “foo” and “bar” in English. Because of this, this title can principally be translated to “Slow-whatever.”
  • 36. This cry known as 34, however refers to cry base 33. Onix in all probability belongs right here as it’s index 34 and the cry sees believable for it, even when this was ultimately used for Krabby as a substitute. The usage of numbers might point out that that is the place they stopped naming cries after particular person Pokémon and began making placeholders once more.
  • 37. Known as 36, however refers to cry base 34. There was one thing in between there, wasn’t there. Hmm. Possibly on this pseudo-‘early index list’, there was a “35” base cry that received deleted. Pidgey would belong right here if 36 was referenced index-wise, which appears considerably becoming, because it’s a birdlike ‘honk’ and is used for Psyduck.
  • 38. Canine – This one could possibly be Growlithe, which is close by within the index checklist. It has the identical naming conference as Arcanine’s early title, Wing. The cry has a reputation once more; Growlithe comes earlier than Pidgey and Fearow within the index, so maybe one thing was moved round.
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We got 4 ‘versions’ of the transfer checklist – two transfer title tables, a transfer impact desk, and an evolution/moveset checklist. All of those have variations from the ultimate model and trace at completely different setups of the transfer checklist.
Issues of notice from “Move Names V1” and “V2”:

  • Punch – This was a generic Preventing-type or Regular-type transfer that received minimize and changed by different, extra thrilling punching strikes.
  • Higher Minimize – Idea would later be reused as Sky Uppercut.
  • BaiBai Punch – No thought what this implies! BaiBai seems like “bye-bye”, so maybe it referred to a knockout?
  • Shibire Hasami – “Stun Cut” – Seems like Razor Wind. Probably a reference to Last Fantasy’s “Shibire Basami” (Numblade).
  • Shippo – In all probability Tail Whip. There are two copies of this, in addition to for Itohaki (String Shot).
  • Hinotama – Fireball.
  • Mega Fireplace – This appears to be a development of Fireplace-type strikes by energy. There’s a second copy farther down within the checklist. Probably a reference to Last Fantasy’s Megaflare.
  • Konayuki – Title is similar to Gen 2’s Powder Snow.
  • Hydro Jet – Early Hydro Pump title.
  • Elekitel – This one has a little bit of fascinating historical past. The Elekiter is a Dutch static electrical energy system that grew to become widespread in 1700s Japan. This might have been the unique title for Thunder Wave.
  • 50Man Volt – An improve from Thunderbolt, which is “10-man volt” (aka 100,000 volts) in Japanese.
  • Ieki – A special transfer than “Youkaieki” under it, which is Acid. Ieki was utilized in later video games because the title for Gastro Acid (which is strictly what Ieki means, anyway).
  • Honoo – Seemingly separate from Fireball, that is simply “Fire”. A second copy of Mega Fireplace exists with it, suggesting that this set of Fireplace-type strikes received moved round a bit whereas being edited. Exists within the TCG on Growlithe as “Flare” in English.
  • Star Freeze – This took up Rock Slide’s slot when Rock Throw was referred to as Rock Slide as a substitute. Additionally seen within the TCG on a Starmie card. The sound impact for Rock Slide appears misplaced, so maybe it’s a leftover from this time.

Issues of notice from “Evolutions and Attacks”:

  • This checklist is about up in a different way from the others, as a result of the strikes aren’t labeled with their names, and as a substitute use numbers. When evaluating these to the ultimate video games’ transfer index, they don’t match up, indicating that the transfer checklist was going by means of so much through the time that this checklist had been made. Gorochu, Wartortle’s evolution, Gyopin, Puchicorn, Zubat’s pre-evolution, and Psyduck’s center evolution populate the checklist, as properly, which means that it was made after they had been nonetheless being thought of for the ultimate sport. The desk isn’t full, both. Once we tried to match these movesets with the 2 transfer lists and the ultimate transfer checklist, nothing match sufficient to attract stable conclusions concerning the identification of every transfer.
  • The variety of strikes that existed at this level was very excessive – the checklist mentions transfer numbers as much as 237, hitting near that 256 restrict. For comparability, the ultimate sport solely has a complete of 165 strikes. There could possibly be extra, however 237 is the best quantity listed within the file. The ultimate assault checklist is the abridged model of this enormous checklist, because the construction of the checklist appears to have stayed principally the identical, whereas redundant or much less notable strikes had been minimize out. Regardless of the problem that this offered, we had been capable of create a reference level: 237 is certainly Slash. It’s the final transfer within the closing checklist, and is realized by Pokémon corresponding to Parasect. Different later strikes correspond properly to the ultimate strikes of the ultimate checklist.
  • Solely about 90 Pokémon are current on this checklist, predominantly early-game Pokémon just like the Nidorans and starters. Solely a few of them have full and even partial movesets. This may occasionally indicate that the checklist was crammed in keeping with some in-game Pokémon order, like an early Pokédex. When this checklist is sorted by assault numbers and who learns them, we will begin to deduce different comparisons, like what strikes Nidoran and Rattata would have in widespread.
  • Evolution gave the impression to be extra level-based at this level. Clefairy is the one Pokémon to evolve by an merchandise, the Moon Stone – each different Pokémon on this checklist evolves by way of level-up, together with the Pikachu line.
  • Pokémon whose learnsets are outlined on this file typically have extra strikes than within the closing. Generally the strikes will repeat themselves, too. They don’t be taught any new strikes after the extent at which they evolve; this means that evolutions had been necessary and the participant couldn’t cancel them, as this is able to render the Pokémon unable to truly develop stronger exterior of stats and TMs.

We’ll have additional transfer evaluation that additionally covers the opposite transfer lists later, as a result of the quantity of stuff already coated on this article is immense by itself!


There’s a LOT to course of right here. We had been amazed on the means that the world of Kanto developed over time. That is additionally going to take up its personal subpage, however we’ll present some highlights.

WOW!! A few of these tiles might be seen on the New Recreation Design ebook, however there’s much more. The artwork model actually resembles the idea artwork. This would possibly want its personal article.
We will see how the world developed from begin to end. Route numbers had been actually written into the routes they belonged on in grass as a template. Cities didn’t have quite a lot of defining options. It has a really sturdy conventional RPG feeling to it.

Later, extra up to date maps with the ultimate’s tilesets had placeholders for sure buildings like Silph Co. (a whole island of pegs) and the Celadon Division Retailer (a stack of extensive one-story homes). At this level you possibly can inform that that they had plans for every metropolis and possibly the story as properly.
As a facet notice, one thing to search for extra protection of sooner or later: Silph Co., in keeping with our donor, was the unique host of the Pokémon League, which was additionally fairly a bit bigger than within the closing sport. This idea was moved to Indigo Plateau after which minimize very late into growth. That they had apparently began to work on including a alternative space to Silph’s previous League which had each Health club Chief and coach sort and would have culminated with a dungeon that hosted Mewtwo. It may be assumed that this second try surrounded the Commerce Middle and Colosseum within the index checklist, as a type of maps is the default warp for Silph’s elevator.


There’s nonetheless a lot to dig by means of, doc, and analyze. Extra articles will come quickly about this, however now it’s on the market for everybody to see. Thanks in your persistence!

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