Sadhguru defines consciousness and busts some frequent myths a few a lot misunderstood matter. Explaining that consciousness has nothing to do with the thoughts, he outlines completely different acutely aware states from a Yogic perspective…

Sadhguru Defines Consciousness

Sadhguru: “Consciousness” is a extremely abused phrase. It’s utilized in many various methods. Let me outline what we seek advice from as consciousness. As a chunk of life, as a physique, you’re a specific amount of earth, water, air, fireplace, and ether, or akash. And there’s a basic intelligence that places all this stuff collectively in a specific method to make life out of it. The identical components which might be mendacity there as mud sit right here because the life you’re. What an unimaginable transformation! There’s a profound and unimaginable stage of intelligence that may make easy issues like air into life.

The one cause why you expertise life and aliveness is since you are acutely aware.

Whether or not it’s a tree, a chook, an insect, a worm, an elephant, or a human being – the whole lot is made up of the identical easy materials. We name this intelligence that makes life occur “consciousness.” In case you are unconscious, you don’t even know whether or not you’re alive or lifeless. In case you are in deep sleep, you’re alive, however you have no idea it. The one cause why you expertise life and aliveness is since you are acutely aware.

Sadhguru Dispels Myths About Consciousness

Fable Buster #1: Wakefulness Is Not Consciousness

The character of English language is that it is rather good for describing and defining exterior issues, however could be very restricted in relation to inner dimensions of many points of who we’re. To make use of Yogic terminology, what is usually being known as consciousness is jagruti – meaning wakefulness. However we don’t take into account wakefulness as consciousness. Wakefulness is a state of the physique, thoughts and the bio-energies inside us, however that’s not consciousness.

Fable Buster #2: Self-consciousness Is Not Consciousness

Consciousness doesn’t imply turning into self-conscious. Self-consciousness is illness; unconsciousness is loss of life. Being acutely aware simply means that you’re in contact with the basis of who you’re. What you name as consciousness will not be an act, an thought or perhaps a high quality – it’s the very foundation of creation.

Fable Buster #3: Consciousness Can’t Be “Done”

Consciousness occurs not since you are doing one thing, however just because you’ve allowed it. Life is going on to you, however it’s not your doing. What we’re calling consciousness is the premise of your life and your existence. It’s not one thing that you are able to do or not do at a specific time. Consciousness continues to be on whether or not you’re on this physique or you’re disembodied. The query is just whether or not it’s accessible to you or not. You’re at all times accessible to consciousness – you can’t escape that – however is it accessible to you?

Fable Buster #4: Consciousness Is Not Alertness

If we are saying your consciousness has risen, it doesn’t imply that you’re extra alert than your German Shepherd. Alertness is of the thoughts. Consciousness will not be of the thoughts, but when consciousness is on, it clears the thoughts. It forcefully finds its expression by the thoughts and physique, and thru each cell of your residing being.

Fable Buster #5: Consciousness Is Not a Psychological Understanding

Consciousness will not be a bunch of ideas or a sure stage of understanding, it’s a boundless dimension. We have now completely different points or dimensions of intelligence functioning inside us; our physique and mobile construction has its personal intelligence, there’s a acutely aware stage of intelligence, of mind which is discerning in nature, there’s an emotional intelligence and a genetic intelligence. All these dimensions of intelligence are dominated by the reminiscence that we’ve gathered. Our genetics, mind, feelings and the very approach our physique features is dominated by the reminiscence that it carries. What you name as reminiscence is a sure type of boundary. For instance, “This is my friend, this is a stranger,” how did this occur? This particular person is in my reminiscence, this particular person will not be in my reminiscence, that’s what differentiates the 2. Reminiscence creates prospects, however a restricted chance throughout the boundary. What we’re referring to as consciousness is a dimension of intelligence which is free from reminiscence. It’s boundless in its nature.

Fable Buster #6: Anesthesia Has Nothing to Do with Consciousness

Anesthesia has nothing to do with consciousness; it has one thing to do with physique and numerous features of the physique. You’re shutting down sure points of the bodily features like transmission of ache, which is the primary curiosity when somebody goes to surgical procedure. This has bought nothing to do with dropping consciousness and gaining consciousness. There isn’t a such factor. Not simply in medical terminology, usually in English language, there is no such thing as a distinction between “He became conscious” and “consciousness” as a bigger chance.

Consciousness and Mind – Are they Associated?

Within the Yogic sciences there is no such thing as a such factor as mind. Mind is simply physique. Like there’s a coronary heart and liver, there’s a mind. I feel this overly exaggerated sense of what’s mind is coming as a result of our training methods have turn into purely mental. We expect mind is the whole lot. Within the Yogic system, we’re wanting on the human thoughts as sixteen elements. These sixteen elements are in 4 classes. The primary one is buddhi which implies the mind. Mind is basically like a knife. You utilize a knife to chop issues open. That is the character of the mind that it’ll dissect no matter you give it. The complete trendy science is popping out of human mind – so the whole lot is by dissection. What you may know by dissection is just the fabric side of life. You can not know life by dissection.

We are saying, “If you touch your chitta, god will become your slave,” as a result of in case your intelligence turns into boundless, the whole lot turns into accessible.

The mind is a survival instrument. In case you didn’t have a discriminatory mind, you may not survive on this planet. It is vitally important. However mind can’t perform except there’s a sure quantity of reminiscence. In case you wipe out all of your reminiscence, you’ll instantly look silly. Mind seems to be good solely if you again it up with info.

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Immediately, there’s an excessive amount of orientation in direction of mind and the opposite dimensions of intelligence are utterly uncultivated.

The subsequent dimension of the thoughts is known as ahankara which we’ve utterly ignored. Ahankara doesn’t imply ego as most individuals are starting to suppose. It means id. Mind is an instrument which protects the id. Identification is that instrument which permits the mind to perform in a sure approach. Now if you happen to say, “My identity is my family,” your mind will do the whole lot to guard that. Within the title of race, faith, nation, we’ve executed many issues that are completely idiotic and inhuman, however we do them with nice pleasure as a result of we’re recognized. If mind is the knife, the hand that holds it’s the id.

The subsequent dimension of the thoughts known as manas, which is a silo of reminiscence. There are a lot of states of reminiscence. The Yogic system is concentrated on the way to activate completely different dimensions of reminiscence as a result of with a restricted quantity of reminiscence, you’re sure to behave in immature methods. In case your mind turns into tremendous succesful, it is rather essential that your id is cosmic or limitless and your reminiscence is so developed that each one dimensions of reminiscence are energetic.

The fourth dimension of intelligence is known as chitta. It is a dimension of intelligence which is unsullied by reminiscence. Reminiscence is the premise of all types which have occurred. It’s the reminiscence saved on this physique which is deciding the colour of our pores and skin, or whether or not we’re male or feminine, a human being or another creature. Reminiscence is an amazing chance however can also be a limitation and a boundary. The boundary between what’s you and what’s me is simply reminiscence.

However chitta has no reminiscence. No reminiscence means no boundary. It’s an intelligence past bounds. Within the Yogic tradition there’s a mischievous approach of expressing this. We are saying, “If you touch your chitta, god will become your slave,” as a result of in case your intelligence turns into boundless, the whole lot turns into accessible.

4 Dimensions of Acutely aware States

For wakefulness, we’ve a phrase known as jagruti. In case you are in a state of jagruti, it means you’re awake. If ten individuals fell asleep and so they got here awake, once they come awake, all of them won’t be equally awake. One particular person could also be immediately awake, one other particular person might take two minutes, one other particular person will take an hour to get up. One other particular person wants a powerful espresso, in any other case they won’t get up. Like this there are completely different ranges of wakefulness, too. That is jagruti. This wakefulness will not be consciousness.

…there’s an intelligence past reminiscence which we name as turya or chitta. That is consciousness.

The subsequent dimension of consciousness known as swapna, which implies a dream state. A dream state is way extra vivid than the wakeful state for many human beings. It’s like going to a cinema. In case you go to a cinema, the important thing issue within the affect the cinema has on you is popping off the lights. If you don’t flip off the lights, the cinema will probably be no good, regardless of how properly it’s made. So a dream state is sort of a cinema. Turning off the lights in our expertise is the eyelids. In case you shut your eyes, the lights must be off, the world must be closed. This dream state is taken into account a extra highly effective state than jagruti. Jagruti or wakefulness is essential for performing motion on the planet however for human consciousness, when it comes to profoundness of expertise, a dream is at all times extra profound than strolling on the road.

The subsequent state known as as sushupti which implies a dreamless state, however there are dimensions of consciousness that you’re conscious of. It’s a completely dreamless sleep state, however you’re conscious. There isn’t a picturization or video working in your thoughts, there aren’t any individuals or phrases, however you’re acutely aware in your sleep. It is a very highly effective state if you happen to actually need to manifest one thing in your life. That is one thing to be explored.

The final state known as turya. That is consciousness, the place there is no such thing as a reminiscence concerned of any variety. Within the Yogic sciences, we’re taking a look at consciousness basically as an intelligence past reminiscence. Reminiscence is taken into account a boundary. That is one particular person and that’s one other particular person, just because this embodies one type of reminiscence and that embodies one other type of reminiscence. Reminiscence doesn’t imply simply what I keep in mind and also you keep in mind. There may be genetic, evolutionary, elemental, atomic, karmic, inarticulate and articulate reminiscence. These completely different dimensions of reminiscence are enjoying every day. For instance, right now, if we eat pet food, we won’t turn into canines. One thing inside us remembers, it doesn’t matter what you eat, this needs to be remodeled solely right into a human being – the evolutionary reminiscence is absolute.

Individuals suppose that their ideas are free. It is a joke as a result of your reminiscence is figuring out the whole lot. In a single phrase, we name this karma. Karma is the residual affect of all of the reminiscence that you’ve. It’s impacting your each thought, emotion and motion. The very approach you sit, stand, breathe, perceive and understand life is decided by this reminiscence. However there’s an intelligence past reminiscence which we name as turya or chitta. That is consciousness.

Levels of Consciousness

All of us are acutely aware, the query is just of diploma. Even a rock, a canine and a pig are acutely aware. The query is just how acutely aware they’re. Even amongst us, how acutely aware we’re is completely different from individual to individual. This diploma of consciousness determines the whole lot. To provide an analogy, I’m certain each one among us blew cleaning soap bubbles throughout our life. Whenever you blow a cleaning soap bubble, the cleaning soap a part of it is rather little, the massive a part of it’s the air that it captures. The type of cleaning soap and the way it gathers is your reminiscence. It provides it a kind. However when the bubble bursts, there is no such thing as a such factor as your air and my air. There’s something known as as your physique and my physique, your reminiscence and my reminiscence, your mind and my mind, however there’s nothing known as as your consciousness and my consciousness. How a lot of it did you seize or how massive is your bubble will decide the dimensions and prospects of your life.

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How you can Increase Consciousness

You’ll be able to neither increase consciousness, nor are you able to carry it down. We solely use the expression of “raising consciousness” in opposition to the next background: in case you are strongly recognized along with your bodily physique, the boundaries of what’s you and what’s not you’re distinctly clear. On this state, you expertise your self as a separate existence. This implies you’re in survival mode, which is what each different creature is in, too. Whenever you determine your self because the physique, the boundaries of who you’re, are 100% mounted.

You do not need to boost your consciousness – it’s important to increase your self to search out entry to it and expertise it. Consciousness is there on a regular basis.

Even within the bodily realm, the extra refined one thing is, the extra the boundaries disappear. We’re respiratory the identical air, which additionally consists of some moisture. As we breathe, we continually change air and water. We have now no issues with this change between us as a result of we aren’t recognized with the air and the water. However we’re recognized with our physique and take into account it as ourselves, so we are not looking for anybody to transgress the boundaries of our physique.

What we seek advice from as consciousness is a a lot subtler dimension of who you’re, and it’s generally shared by everybody. It’s the similar intelligence that’s turning meals into flesh in me, in you, in everybody. If we transfer individuals from being recognized with the boundaries of their bodily physique to a deeper dimension inside themselves, their sense of “me” and “you” decreases – “you” and “I” appear to be the identical. This implies consciousness has risen on a social stage.

Primarily, we don’t increase consciousness. We increase your expertise so that you simply turn into extra acutely aware. All of us are acutely aware to some extent. The query is to what diploma you’re acutely aware. You do not need to boost your consciousness – it’s important to increase your self to search out entry to it and expertise it. Consciousness is there on a regular basis. If it was not, you wouldn’t be capable to convert your breath and your meals into life. You’re alive – meaning you’re acutely aware. However to this point, you solely have minimal entry. As your entry improves, your sense of boundary expands. In case you turn into recognized with consciousness, you’ll expertise everybody as your self. That is what Yoga means.

Yoga and Consciousness

The phrase “Yoga” means union. Human beings try to expertise this sense of union in so some ways. If it finds a really fundamental expression, we name it sexuality. If it finds an emotional expression, we name it love. If it finds a psychological expression, it will get labeled as greed, ambition, conquest, or just purchasing. If it finds a acutely aware expression, we name it Yoga. However the basic course of and longing are the identical. That’s, you need to embody one thing that’s not you as part of your self. You need to obliterate the gap or the boundaries between you and the opposite.

As an alternative of speaking about it and intellectualizing it, we’re taking a look at the way to increase your expertise from the bodily side of who you’re to a dimension past the bodily.

Whether or not it’s sexuality or a love affair, ambition or conquest – all you are attempting to do is make one thing that’s not you part of your self. Yoga means turning into one with the whole lot, or in different phrases, obliterating the boundaries of who you’re. As an alternative of speaking about it and intellectualizing it, we’re taking a look at the way to increase your expertise from the bodily side of who you’re to a dimension past the bodily.

Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya – A Know-how to Increase Consciousness

That is what Shambhavi does. It takes you to a twilight zone. You’re nonetheless rooted within the physique however you’re starting to the touch a dimension past, in order that your expertise of life will not be restricted to your physique – you expertise it as a bigger phenomenon. That is elevating consciousness. It means you expertise all of the individuals round you as part of your self.

The fabric that makes the 5 fingers in your hand was within the earth a while in the past, and now it’s your 5 fingers. What was in your plate yesterday as meals was not “you.” However you ate it, and right now you expertise it as part of your self. You’re able to experiencing something as part of your self if solely you embody it into your boundaries. You can not eat your complete universe. You must develop your boundaries in numerous methods.

Increasing the sensory boundaries in such a approach that if you happen to sit right here, your complete universe is part of your self, is Yoga; that is elevating consciousness. We’re not doing it philosophically or ideologically however experientially, utilizing a technological course of that everybody could make use of. The character of a expertise is such that it’ll work for whoever is keen to be taught to make use of it. You do not need to consider it; you do not need to worship it; you do not need to hold it in your head. You simply must be taught to make use of it.

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Infrastructure for Elevating Human Consciousness

100 years in the past, if you happen to walked into an Indian village, you needed to search the entire village to get one man who might learn and write in simply the native language itself. However right now, at the very least 70% of the inhabitants can learn in their very own mom tongue and lots of can converse English. The turnaround occurred as a result of somebody constructed schoolrooms and skilled lecturers.

Equally, to boost human consciousness, to rework the person human being, crucial factor that should occur on the planet is that we construct the wanted infrastructure, each human and in any other case.

Up to now, there was phenomenal infrastructure on this nation for inside wellbeing. There are extra locations created for non secular blossoming than wherever else on the planet. So, it’s not a coincidence neither is it an accident that each technology produced enlightened beings.

However that infrastructure is now receding, not rising. This is likely one of the commitments that Isha has for the world: we need to construct infrastructure for the inside wellbeing of the human being. Once I say infrastructure, I’m not simply speaking about bodily infrastructure. Bodily infrastructure is simply to incubate human infrastructure. A very powerful factor is what sort of individuals you generate. With out the proper of individuals, you can’t transmit this science as a result of it is a subjective science. With out the proper of individuals, it won’t get throughout to individuals the best way it ought to.

Consciousness in Animals – Do Animals Have Consciousness?

An animal is programmed in such a approach that its life is essentially mounted round its survival course of. For any creature, as soon as their abdomen is full, their life is settled. They only sit there fortunately. However that’s not the character of the human being. When the abdomen is empty, there is just one downside; when the abdomen is full, there are 100 issues. That is the character of the human being, as a result of survival will not be the endgame for us, it’s the starting. However for all different creatures, survival is the endgame for them. However even amongst them, sure creatures are much more able to being delicate to consciousness. Wherever there’s consciousness, sure creatures behave in a sure approach. In Indian mysticism, there’ll at all times be a cobra just because we’ve at all times seen that wherever there’s a little little bit of entry to consciousness, these creatures someway sense it and so they arrive.

What makes them sense it? This isn’t a sure science for me, I’m simply guessing – as a result of they’re stone deaf, I feel they’re tremendous alert in another sense. For instance, a cobra in southern India has no ears in any respect, no listening to mechanism, so it’s got the entire physique to the bottom and actually ear to the bottom. It is ready to sense even the minutest vibrations within the planet. It has a sensitivity to sure vibrations. When somebody accesses what we’re referring to as consciousness, the opposite vibrations which everybody is often throwing out on a day-to-day foundation – their bodily and psychological stuff – in all probability turns into minimal. This lack of that reverberation is one thing {that a} cobra senses. In case you sit in a forest and turn into meditative, cobras will collect in entrance of you. They may come and sit there as if they’re ready for you. This has been my private expertise any variety of instances and this will probably be vouched for by any variety of Yogis within the custom.

Can Consciousness Be Programmed and Can Machines Change into Acutely aware?

Every thing that you understand has a restricted boundary – physique, psychological area, emotional area and vitality area. Consciousness will not be sure by something. It’s the final motherboard of the existence. So can we make a machine acutely aware? It’s a ridiculous factor. I need you to know that even you can’t turn into acutely aware. The phrase “conscious” is being utilized in so many various ways in which it’s complicated however there is consciousness. In case you dissolve your bodily, psychological, emotional and vitality types, you’ve turn into consciousness. Not that you simply turned acutely aware within the sense that you simply possess consciousness, however you’ve turn into consciousness. You’ll be able to neither generate consciousness inside this nor in any of your digital stuff. It is a full misunderstanding. Primarily, once we say consciousness, we’re speaking in regards to the basic. Every thing else is a pop-up. The galaxy is a pop-up, photo voltaic system is a pop-up, the planet is a pop-up and you’re a pop-up. A human being has the power to not simply be a pop-up, however turn into the supply. Whenever you turn into that, in a roundabout way you dissolve your id, as a result of your physique, your psychological construction basically is due to id.

In your expertise, what’s you and what’s not you is a made up actuality that you simply make up by figuring out with it. Whether or not it’s an object or an individual or a factor or a property, together with your physique and thoughts, you solely really feel that it’s you when you find yourself recognized with it. So if you happen to withdrew your identities, you then dissolve. Not that your physique will soften away – it’s nonetheless sitting right here – however since you havethdrawn your id, it has dissolved out of your expertise. Then you’re consciousness, as a result of that’s the foundation of your existence.

Scientific Research of Consciousness

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