Everybody hates popup commercials, making popup blockers a go-to app for web customers. Though most web sites now use different types of advertisements, you’ll nonetheless discover popups plague most corners of the net. In some circumstances, malware-infected web sites are serving up popup advertisements with out their homeowners’ information. And within the worst circumstances, these random popups might not be the results of poor commercial planning, however a chunk of malicious adware spawning popup commercials in your machine.

Placing an finish to popup hell may be totally satisfying—and surprisingly easy. There are a variety of popup and adware blockers on the market that may make certain your internet shopping expertise is as seamless (and fewer annoying) as doable. You’ll discover completely different popup blockers obtainable for each internet browser, with many who cowl all internet browsers on the market.

The very best popup advert blockers for 2019

Based mostly on our multi-point software program testing, the next 12 free popup blockers present the most effective outcomes for customers:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Microsoft Edge
  3. Web Explorer
  4. Firefox
  5. Opera
  6. AdBlock (Chrome, Opera, Edge)
  7. AdBlock Plus (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Web Explorer)
  8. Privateness Badger (Chrome)
  9. Adfender (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Web Explorer, Opera;)
  10. Sensible Popup Blocker (Web Explorer; )
  11. Advert Muncher (Web Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome; )
  12. uBlock (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

A few of these popup blockers may also block common on-page advertisements. Many are constructed into the net browser you’re already utilizing and may must be turned on or have the settings tuned to work correctly. Let’s discover extra of those choices intimately.

Our most popular popup blocker: Opera
Opera Web Browser

We put a handful of popup and adware blockers to the take a look at. By way of our testing, we discovered that the built-in popup blockers on the most well-liked internet browsers did the most effective job at blocking popups. Most don’t embrace advert blocking options. Nevertheless, for those who do need a built-in popup and advert blocker, go along with the Opera internet browser. The browser is quick, runs with fewer sources than Chrome, and has a built-in VPN, one thing we definitely help at Comparitech.

The significance of popup blocking

Popup and advert blocking are extra necessary than simply eliminating the much-agreed-upon annoyance of such commercials. Commercials of every kind could be a safety danger.

In case you’re getting a variety of undesirable popups, it may imply that you’ve got adware, a sort of malware, put in in your system. You possibly can do away with this gorgeous simply. Our information on eradicating malware and adware on Home windows computer systems ought to provide help to clear up your system.

Regular commercials on many unsecured web sites may be a virus danger. Hackers can use commercials to unfold malware onto your system. This isn’t extraordinary or unusual, and it even occurred to Yahoo in 2015, when a gaggle of hackers hijacked commercials on lots of Yahoo’s predominant pages in an effort to unfold malware.

Contemplate a popup blocker an absolute necessity on your personal safety and your sanity.

The distinction between popup blocking and advert blocking

Be cautious of contemplating “popup blocking” and “ad blocking” the identical factor. They’re usually used interchangeably, however many websites are feeling the painful pinch of adblockers.

Popup blockers will block web sites from sending out any type of popup, or cease adware from making popups seem. This may be something that masses a popup, and never simply commercials. Some web sites truly use popups for reliable functions, reminiscent of for logging into completely different areas of the web site or for making funds. In these circumstances, you might need to whitelist some web sites you usually frequent that make the most of popups outdoors of commercials however for good functions.

Advert blockers, nevertheless, will block any and each commercial on a web page. It will embrace popups and on-page commercials. As on-page commercials are the bread and butter of most web sites, advert blockers have thrown a big part of complete web financial system right into a tailspin. Because the Harvard Enterprise Assessment places it:

“The debate on ad blocking is becoming increasingly polarized. Those who oppose ad blocking liken it to content piracy, arguing that exposure to ads is the price that readers must pay for free content. The other side of the debate is championed by companies who create ad blocking software, as well as online privacy activists. They criticize the effect of ads on user experience, but their biggest concern revolves around behavioral tracking, a practice used by many advertising companies to learn about users’ interests based on their web activity.”

Certainly, advert blockers are placing an enormous dent in free internet content material, the largest unintended consequence of utilizing them. This has given rise to extra websites utilizing affiliate hyperlinks or referrals (one thing we do right here at Comparitech every so often), to be able to assist hold the proverbial lights on. When utilizing advert blockers, contemplate the affect it could have on the web sites you take pleasure in utilizing without spending a dime.

It’s possible you’ll contemplate whitelisting some websites that you simply like, know and belief, that use promoting. These commercials nonetheless generate income for these web sites, even for those who don’t click on on the commercial.

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Placing popup blockers to the take a look at

We determined to check a big handful of popup blockers obtainable on the open market. Some have been the built-in blockers that include fashionable internet browsers. Others are stand-alone applications or internet browser extensions that provide just a few added advantages. We examined all the following:

Constructed-in popup blockers on the next browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Web Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Netscape (simply kidding)

Third-party purposes and extensions:

  • AdBlock (Chrome, Opera, Edge)
  • AdBlock Plus (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Web Explorer)
  • Privateness Badger (Chrome)
  • Adfender (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Web Explorer, Opera;)
  • Sensible Popup Blocker (Web Explorer; )
  • Advert Muncher (Web Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome; )
  • uBlock (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

All popup blockers have been examined utilizing two completely different strategies. The primary was PopupTest.com. The web site offers 17 separate checks for various popup strategies. This contains 4 checks for good popups, which an efficient popup blocker ought to block. We excluded two of the checks, as it seems that these two pages weren’t producing any pattern popups.

The second methodology we utilized was with native advert take a look at for on-page and popup advertisements produced on the web sites http://animefushigi.co/latest-anime/ (6 on-page advertisements, 2 popups), and a very good login popup from Bungie.internet. 

We give scores for every popup blocker:

  • The PopupTest.com rating (out of 100)
  • A rating based mostly on popups blocked from animefushigi.co/latest-anime/ and allowed from Bungie.internet (-10 for permitting the popup, +10  blocking it; +10 for permitting the nice popup, -10 for blocking it; +10 for blocking the on-page advert)
  • A rating based mostly on further options, reminiscent of whitelisting, on-page advert blocking and monitoring cookie filtering (10 factors for every further function, no most rating). 

These scores are mixed to create a closing rating for every popup blocker/advert blocker utility.

The built-in popup blockers largely solely work on popups, not on-page advertisements. The max rating for these for “native popups” was 20, whereas the third-party purposes designed to dam all types of advertisements had a max rating of 90.

Check outcomes analyzed

You’ll have observed that the PopupTest.com outcomes have been suspiciously comparable for the net browser blockers and the third occasion blockers. When testing, we discovered that the built-in browser popup blockers appeared to dam the take a look at popups that we included, whereas the third-party purposes and extensions all ignored them.

The rationale for this is because of a mix of how the popups work, and the way the built-in and third-party blockers work . We imagine it’s because the third-party advert blockers are largely designed to really block advertisements by way of IP or area filtering. In the meantime, the built-in popup blockers are primarily working by closing down home windows indiscriminately.

This explains why the third-party blockers failed to dam the samples from PopupTest, whereas the built-ins blocked them so readily. It comes right down to the content material on the web page and the strategy utilized. Because the third-party applications search for content material, in the event that they don’t detect exterior hyperlinks on the web page or within the popups, they received’t block them. In the meantime, some popups don’t open new home windows from the net browser however are floating javascript advertisements constructed into the web page’s code. As they don’t truly spawn separate pages, the browser’s built-in blocker fails to function.

Except Opera, the built-in browser popup blockers are merely not , whereas the third-party blockers are designed to be extra distinguishing, though there may be variation based mostly on whether or not you’ll be able to or can not alter the settings.

Constructed-in internet browser popup blockers

Not all popup blockers are standalone apps. Some are constructed proper into the net browsers most of us are already utilizing anyway.

Google Chrome

chrome symbol

Google Chrome carried out equally to Firefox and Microsoft Edge. It handed all the PopupTest.com samples we tried, together with the nice popups. It failed the native advert take a look at from animefushigi.co/latest-anime/, failing to dam the popups that spawned on the web page (each timed). All advertisements, together with an annoying popup on the backside of the web page, continued to point out up. It handed the native good popup take a look at from Bungie.internet.

You possibly can add exceptions to Google’s popup blocker so as to add trusted URLs. The browser additionally features a monitoring cookie blocker.

Based mostly on all three checks, Google’s built-in popup blocker is nice, however not distinctive. It fails to dam actual advertisements, though it received’t make the error of blocking the nice ones.

PopupTest.com rating: 100

Native popup rating: -10

Extra options rating: 20

Whole: 110


Firefox logo
Firefox has a restricted set of options on its built-in advert blocker. You possibly can block popups and tracker cookies, with the extra function of whitelisting web sites by way of exceptions. Firefox handed the PopupTest.com samples, together with the nice popups. It failed to dam the popups spawning on animefushigi, however allowed the nice popup from Bungie.internet.

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The built-in blocker on Firefox is as equally helpful because the one on Google Chrome. It received’t block the popups you need, however it could not block the popups you don’t need.

PopupTest.com rating: 100

Native popup rating: -10

Extra options rating: 20

Whole: 110

Microsoft Web Explorer
Internet Explorer

Though Microsoft now touts its Edge browser, it nonetheless contains IE on its newer working methods. IE’s built-in popup blocker offers extra choices than all the different browsers, permitting you to regulate the power of your blocking (from solely blocking from insecure web sites to blocking all popups wholesale) and permitting you so as to add in exceptions.

With the “high” blocking stage set, IE carried out equally to the opposite internet browsers, passing all the PopupTest.com samples we examined, together with permitting the nice popups to open proper up. On animefushigi, IE midway blocked one popup advert (the field loaded with out content material) and failed to dam the opposite popup. It didn’t block the on-page advertisements. Sadly, IE blocked the login popup from Bungie.internet, a mark in opposition to it.

General, IE’s built-in blocker tends extra towards blocking the stuff you truly need to load, whereas failing at block the precise popups.

PopupTest.com rating: 100

Native popup rating: -25

Extra options rating: 20

Whole: 95

Microsoft Edge
2016-12-13 15_45_14-microsft edge - Google Search - Opera

Microsoft Edge carried out equally to Google Chrome and Firefox on the PopupTest.com samples. It blocked all the checks we used from the location, whereas additionally efficiently permitting all the good popups. It surprisingly blocked one of many two popups that spawned on animefushigi, one thing Chrome, IE and Firefox have been unable to do. Some extent in opposition to it occurred with the login popup take a look at at Bungie.internet. Edge allowed to window to come back up however didn’t load the content material.

Sadly, you’ll be able to’t alter the settings for the popup blocker on Edge. That features the shortcoming so as to add exceptions for various web sites or alter the power of the blocker in any means. Whereas it really works marginally higher than the opposite browsers at blocking popups, the dearth of choices and the blocking of fine popups shouldn’t be totally optimistic.

PopupTest.com rating: 100

Native popup rating: -20

Extra options rating: 0

Whole: 80

Opera browser

The Opera internet browser gives just a few privateness options past generic popup blocking. It’s designed to dam on-page advertisements and features a built-in VPN and a tracker cookie blocker. The browser handed all of the PopupTest.com samples we utilized, together with the nice popup take a look at. Opera is the one built-in advert blocker that truly blocked each advert on the animefushigi web page, together with the popups, and the one one which triggered animefushigi to ship me to their scolding anti-ad blocking web page.

Opera additionally allowed the nice popup from Bungie.internet to load proper up. Taken with the opposite optimistic blocks, Opera basically blew the opposite internet browsers and even most of the third-party blockers, proper out of the water with performance. Notably attention-grabbing was the truth that this built-in blocker seemed to be extra discriminating than all the different browsers on our listing, able to blocking the PopupTest.com samples, whereas nonetheless additionally permitting good popups and blocking the unsatisfactory ones by way of IP filtering. This one is really a “best of both worlds”.

PopupTest.com rating: 100

Native popup rating: 90

Extra options rating: 20

Whole: 210

Popup advert blocker applications and extensions


Adblock popup blockers

Adblock carried out impressively properly underneath testing. Whereas it failed the PopupTest.com samples (anticipated), with the exclusion of the nice popups that it allowed by way of, it shortly handed the animefushigi take a look at, blocking all the advertisements on that web page and prompting a redirect to the anti-ad blocking web page. AdBlock additionally allowed the Bungie.internet login popup to load with out fail.

The true power in AdBlock is simply how customizable it’s. You possibly can change numerous settings on this extension, together with whitelisting, customized and preset filters, individualized blocking or permitting of advertisements by way of right-clicking, and whitelisting for particular youtube advertisements.

AdBlock emerges as among the finest choices on our listing, notably on account of what number of options are packed onto this now-free utility. Though it’s solely designed to work with Chrome, you may also get this utility on Opera by downloading the Google Chrome Extension extension.

PopupTest.com rating: 26

Native popup rating: 90

Extra options rating: 50

Whole: 166

Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus popup blockers

Adblock Plus is a comparatively easy utility with just a few key further choices. You possibly can create filter lists which permit or disallow popups from sure web sites, enable for non-intrusive advertisements, create your individual filtering syntax lists and make the most of the final whitelisting function.

It failed the PopupTest.com samples, handed the nice popup samples from the location, and handed the animefushigi take a look at with flying colours. Animefushigi, specifically, was fast to switch me to their indignant adblocking web page. ABP additionally allowed Bungie.internet to spawn its login popup, a very good signal as properly. With its efficient blocking and extra options, ABP is certainly a terrific choice for these trying to disable on-page advertisements, however who don’t want a variety of further options to curate the expertise.

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PopupTest.com rating: 26

Native popup rating: 90

Extra function rating: 30

Whole: 146

Adfender popup blockers

Adfender has numerous choices obtainable. Coming with a trial model, it advertises itself as with the ability to block just about every little thing, from popups to tracker cookies to advertisements on Youtube. Expectedly, it didn’t block any of the popups from PopupTest.com, whereas permitting the nice popup samples to load.

AdFender excelled at blocking all the advertisements on animefushigi, prompting a redirect to the anti-ad blocking web page reasonably shortly. AdFender’s metrics, accessed from the system tray, present numerous advertisements blocked from the location. This utility additionally allowed Bungie.internet to load its login popup with no slowdown in loading in any respect.

In all, AdFender is without doubt one of the most customizable on the listing. You possibly can alter the listening port, apply proxy settings, set HTTPS filtering choices, browse anonymously by way of Tor, block monitoring cookies, and block advertisements on completely different purposes past internet browsers, and consider your blocking statistics. Word that almost all of those options are solely obtainable on the total model. The free model solely contains the superior popup blocking.

PopupTest.com rating: 26

Native popup rating: 90

Extra options rating: 70

Whole: 186

Sensible Popup Blocker
Smart Popup Blocker popup blockers

Sensible Popup Blocker is one blocker you’ll merely need to keep away from. Not solely did it fail the PopupTest.com samples, however it additionally failed to dam any popups or on-page advertisements from animefushigi. It allowed the nice popups from PopupTest and Bungie.internet. Given it’s designed to work with Web Explorer, that’s the place it was examined, to no avail.

Sensible Popup Blocker may be accessed out of your system tray. Do you have to discover that it does truly work, Sensible Popup Blocker additionally contains whitelisting and cookie administration so you’ll be able to delete undesirable monitoring cookies.

There are additionally few helpful options to talk of on this utility, outdoors of a cookie supervisor, whitelist, sound notifications, and popup blocking for Home windows Messenger (not vital for nearly anybody).

PopupTest.com rating: 26

Native popup rating: -80

Extra options rating: 50

Whole: -4

Advert Muncher
ad muncher popup blockers

Advert Muncher has numerous customization choices. There are settings for altering website conduct, reminiscent of eradicating music, background photos, automated reloads, and self-bookmarking, prevention of tracker cookies, very detailed commercial blocking choices, preset and customizable filter settings, picture elimination for grownup content material, disabling for intranet connections, some browser conduct settings, the choice to vary the block message to something you need, and detailed, searchable logs.

Advert Muncher operated very similar to the opposite third-party purposes. It failed the PopupTest.com pattern checks and allowed the nice advertisements from that take a look at to move by way of. It additionally allowed the nice login popup from Bungie.internet. Whereas it blocked the 2 popups from animefushigi, it failed to dam any of the on-page commercials.

Though it failed to dam the on-page advertisements, Advert Muncher nonetheless made a very good exhibiting. For people who wish to learn logs, that is one utility to obtain. The logs are extremely detailed and searchable. For this one, you’ll probably need to ignore the hit it took from the PopupTest.com samples. As a straight popup blocker for actual advertisements, it’s prime notch. For on-page advertisements, nevertheless, you would possibly need to look elsewhere.

PopupTest.com rating: 26

Native popup rating: -30

Extra options rating: 130

Whole: 126

ublock pop-up blockers

uBlock could be very efficient at blocking advertisements. The largest disadvantage for this extension is that it has solely restricted customization options. It permits you to conceal block placeholders, reveals a restricted quantity of log information, has private and third occasion filtering, permits whitelisting, and permits for dynamic filter guidelines. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to’t alter the power of the filter.

uBlock failed the PopupTest.com samples as anticipated whereas permitting the nice samples from the take a look at. It additionally handed the nice login popup take a look at from Bungie.internet. It blocked all the popups and on-page advertisements on animefushigi, triggering the ad-blocking web page redirect.

As an extension, it is a nice choice for people who don’t need to obtain any applications to their pc. It makes use of little or no reminiscence, making it a very good, environment friendly choice for people who need straightforward, free advert blocking.

PopupTest.com rating: 26

Native popup rating: 90

Extra options rating: 50

Whole: 166

Privateness Badger
Privacy Badger popup blockers

A free, specialised blocker from the Digital Frontier Basis, Privateness Badger is a bit more durable to fee amongst the remainder of the built-ins and third-party blockers. In EFF’s personal phrases, Privateness Badger “focuses on disallowing any visible or invisible “third party” scripts or photos that seem like monitoring you although you particularly denied consent by sending a Do Not Monitor header. It simply so occurs that almost all (

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