Till 2017, I performed World of Tanks (WoT) so much. Now, considerably much less. Hereunder, you will see each my very own private information and a “guide to the guides”.

I don’t fake to be an excellent participant. By way of win ratio, I’m a bit beneath common. I don’t fake both to have the ability to completely comply with all the following ways. I’ve merely discovered them helpful : after I implement them, they work. All I hope is they assist novices and different medium degree gamers, permitting them to not spend tons of of battles earlier than understanding what it takes to play higher and to have enjoyable with World of Tanks.

Warning :

  • this information is *not* meant for the better-than-average participant, by no means. Unicums and the like are kindly invited to take into accounts that I’m not addressing them
  • this information is up to date, however *not* repeatedly. Which signifies that some new overpowered (OP) tanks might be lacking. And that plenty of tanks which was once OP however now not are (as a result of they’ve been buffed or as a result of new, extra highly effective tanks have been launched by the sport writer) will nonetheless be listed. Please be reassured : in 90% of instances, selecting that sort of tank continues to be a good selection.

Desk of contents








  • Concerning the (controversial) matchmaking in World of Tanks
  • Overpowered autos (OP) : a complete record
  • Guides for scouting/recognizing
  • Particular SPG/artillery nook
  • Particular German nook
  • Particular American heavies nook
  • Particular (typically gradual and) fragile TDs (anti-tank / tank destroyer)
  • Particular KVs nook
  • Particular O-I Experimental (a Japanese heavy tank, as soon as broadly used) nook
  • Particular Matilda and Valentine nook

“WEBOGRAPHY” (helpful hyperlinks, particularly tutorials)


World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer on-line recreation developed by Belarussian firm Wargaming (now primarily based in Cyprus), that includes mid-Twentieth century (Nineteen Thirties–Sixties) period tanks and self-propelled artillery.

Listed here are three main facets of this recreation it’s best to remember :

  • World of Tanks is a recreation performed by hundreds of thousands gamers all through the world. Subsequently, it’s a very aggressive recreation. If you happen to don’t spend a minimal of 1 to 2 hours per day taking part in WoT, at the least originally, and also you don’t think about enhancing your gameplay, you may’t anticipate to achieve over 49% WR (common win ratio). Otherwise you’re a pure 😉
  • as most massively multiplayer on-line gaming communities (MMO), WoT has its cheaters. And althought the sport writer has issued tougher guidelines in opposition to them in November 2016 and dishonest has receded, their implementation doesn’t appear to be systematic (see Mods / Cheats)
  • WoT is very addictive. Spending complete nights on it is extremely frequent amongst gamers who’re new to the sport.

WoT is quite costly to play. Right here’s why :

  • frustration at making very gradual progress by the grinding course of [1] or shedding too typically is a really efficent method to induce gamers into paying …
  • premium tanks value a minimal of 10 euros, the typical is 35 euros and a few uncommon value over 70 (Pz. II J). Not all of them are value shopping for for the typical participant (see record of OP tanks under)
  • taking part in tiers IX and X — the upper tiers — is at all times very costly, as a result of at these tiers, in case you’re not a unicum (better of the perfect) [2] and also you play and not using a premium account, you find yourself most battles with a damaging stability when it comes to credit — which sooner or later you must compensate for. Whereas a premium account provides you 50% extra credit and expertise. As an illustration, even in case you’re a unicum and also you win, replenishing the ammunition inventory and repairing your tank after the battle means you typically find yourself with a damaging lead to credit, as proven on this replay the place a tier X IS-7 kills 13 (out of 15 …) of the enemy, makes 57 190 credit however in the long run loses 19 000 credit just because he hasn’t bought a premium account. So we’re speaking a minimal of 90 euros per yr, the value of a premium account for that period
  • gold ammo (APCR) should be purchased (with credit). The factor is, if you wish to make a distinction in a battle the place you’re not the upper tier, you simply must convey not one, not two, however on the very least three APCR shells with you
  • gold ammo could also be inexpensive if in case you have a premium account (it could actually final between at some point and one yr, however it’s way more worthwhile to purchase a month or a yr, particularly bundled with a premium tank). However keep in mind : a premium account for one yr begins at 100 USD.

As QuickyBaby, knowledgeable participant, stated — and even wrote — in a 2018 video, « World of Tanks is pay-to-win (P2W) ». On the very least, it’s « pay-to-win-more-often », as a intelligent participant places it. Taugrim, a quasi-pro participant, writes : « WoT is rife with pay-for-advantage mechanics, however that’s not going to alter, and […] the overwhelming majority of the neighborhood doesn’t care both ». See this debate on the topic on a WoT developper’s weblog, notably this submit.

The introduction of wheeled autos in WoT on the finish of 2018 might be an impact of each the variety of gamers receding [3] and the standard coverage of Wargaming to challenge very interesting premium (for-a-fee) vehicules. The designers need to retain or convey again gamers to the sport — and make some extra money within the course of — with a fairly new, over-powered idea. These armored automobiles, gifted with an insane mobility, all of the French Panhard line, had been examined from September to December 2018. They’ve grow to be normal in public battles in January 2019. They begin at tier VI and are “too” quick so in the interim they aren’t that enticing to the brand new participant.

So let’s be sincere : WoT is probably not free-to-play, it’s free-to-test and pay-to-win-more-often or pay-to-progress-faster for at the least two thirds of the gamers. In two years, I spent greater than 300 euros on the sport.

However let’s be sincere (bis) : this pay-to-win side is essentially mitigated by the participant’s expertise and doesn’t imply battles are rigged.

Additionally, in case you simply full the missions and use tankrewards.eu for premium time, you get 10 days of premium each 30 days. And you may watch for a proposal on premium (normally round Christmas). Taking part in in clans may provide you with further premium days. Numerous clans at present settle for under common gamers. All that will offset lots of the fee you’d must pay annually.

The easiest way to spare your cash is to comply with this concise piece of recommendation : Recommendation for killing all unicums ! 🙂 from a _WMD_ clan member, a participant with greater than 40.000 battles.

1) Keep away from gentle tanks and artillerie. For a newbie these usually are not simple to play.
2) Save free exp for increased tiers to keep away from horrendous inventory tank grind, I like to recommend utilizing free exp at 7, 8, 9 as at these tiers operating tank prices credit.
3) What to spend gold [or money] on is an effective premium tank and storage slots.
4) I like to recommend a superb set of mods, hitskins [4], zoommod, serverside reticle and tank carousal.
5) Make the most of gross sales and occasions, purchase tanks, tools and consumables at 50% off, you’ll need to have a stash of credit and free exp saved up for this.

One final notice earlier than we take care of ways : in case you’re a newbie at WoT, don’t assume excessive tiers (from VII to X) are extra enjoyable to play. By no means. They want extra experience, however they’re no more enjoyable . For my part, in case you’re not that formidable at WoT, remaining at tiers III to VI is enjoyable, rewarding sufficient and never too costly. IX and X may even be boring as a result of actions are very repetitive (peek-a-boom, again up, reload, peek-a-boom, again up, reload, rinse and repeat) and tenting extra frequent. On this respect, in contrast with tiers IX and X public (random) battles, clan wars might be extra enjoyable.


What follows is essentially the most helpful ways for novices (so known as “noobs”) and under-medium-level gamers.

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 0. If you happen to’re in a rush, learn/watch the WoT wiki’s Techniques web page. Not all methods and ways are listed there however the drawings are very clear.

 1. Wait ! Don’t rush. I repeat : DO-NOT-RUSH. Originally of the battle, wait for about 3 seconds to see the place your allies are going, then :
a. see whether or not one flank of the map would really want extra allies. If not (which is mostly the case at tiers 3 and above), glide, in keeping with your kind of tank : i.e. TDs usually keep near base, lights scout alongside the mid-map line, heavies go to choke factors and mediums help heavies (for extra data, search for guides devoted to 1 kind of tank within the Webography under)
b. determine the allies you may staff up with (e.g. comply with an skilled participant in case you’re a newbie or accompany a heavy in case you drive a medium)
c. transfer accordingly.

The straightforward reality of not dashing instantly to the entrance line, of letting different, extra skilled gamers in your staff attain the entrance line earlier than you do, will prevent lots of hit factors (hp, i.e. your well being), which in flip will let you survive until the top of the battle when the winners are these with the utmost well being (see rule 2. Keep away from getting shot).

If one flank/facet of the map is undermanned, attempt to persuade your allies to ship sufficient tanks to that facet (the strict minimal is three tanks, with no lights amongst them), *however* in public/free-for-all battles, that usually doesn’t work so be ready to comply with the “lemming trail” (i.e. the most important stream of allied tanks) most of the time, simply so that you don’t maintain the undermanned flank and sacrifice your self with no clear benefit to the staff. I repeat : if one flank isn’t lined in any respect, then don’t sacrifice your self to carry it, that might be ineffective. You’ll get overrun in a short time, which suggests you received’t make a distinction. In that case, I like to recommend even arties glide. Or at the least cover the farthest doable from base.

There are two exceptions to this rule however provided that you’ve grow to be considerably skilled (greater than 1000 battles) : see guidelines 53. and 54.

 2. Keep away from getting shot. In different phrases : don’t put your self ready that may get you simply shot. Don’t stand clearly in view of the enemy. Don’t take that second shot — return to cowl as an alternative (the reason being your tank looses all camouflage after having fired : each enemy can see it — and can hearth on it). If you happen to drive a TD (TD = tank destroyer/anti-tank, their signal is a triangle turned the other way up) or a light-weight tank, cover, run and relocate as typically as doable. In a phrase : don’t expose your self.
Hold your well being — refered to as hit factors (hp) — as in case you’ve solely had 1 hit level left from the beginning of the battle. Save well being for the top. Statistics present that on the finish of the battle, the profitable staff is mostly the one with essentially the most well being. Being low on well being means you’re a one shot and you may’t presumably assist your staff as a result of you may’t take any threat.

 3. Keep alive. When you’re lifeless, you may’t do a factor, proper ? Do keep away from “suiscout” (suicide scouting : operating to the enemy base, attempting to reap as many first spot factors as doable). And as soon as once more, don’t take that second shot, return to cowl as an alternative.

 4. Play in keeping with tier and win charges (WR) : yours and your opponents’. As an illustration, in case your heavy tank is tier 5 and also you encounter a majority of tier 6 and seven, it could be silly to play it the way in which heavies are usually advisable to play (i.e. go to the entrance line and take hits). Quite the opposite, it’s best to keep behind your personal increased tier heavies (not too shut, in any other case they’ll’t retreat when wanted) or act as a TD. If you happen to’ve bought a low win charge, be part of a participant who’s bought a superb WR and help him — however don’t trouble him, as an illustration don’t stand in his line of fireside.
The previous recommendation is essential and sometimes neglected by new and even considerably skilled gamers. You shouldn’t at all times play in keeping with the tutorials (together with this one) aka « avoiding mounted pondering is a good suggestion ». The overall thought is that the upper your tier within the battle, the extra agressive you ought to be. See Lord_Demon’s wonderful recommendation on that [5].
To know others’ tiers and win charge :

  • examine your personal tier with the others’ (the tier is written in Latin digits close to the icon of tank) earlier than the battle begins and decide whether or not you might be low, mid or excessive tier within the battle
  • use the XVM mod to see win charges in battle.

 5. By no means go/keep alone until you’re a scout or a unicum (a unicum is a darn good participant). Work by twos on the minimal. When one is attacked, again him up by capturing when he reloads or by outflanking the opponent and capturing him within the flank or rear. Additionally examine your mini-map each 20 seconds to see in case your help ran away.

 6. If alone — which shouldn’t occur to you in case you adopted the earlier rule — and outnumbered, both a. you might have a quick tank so be part of your remaining allies or reposition your self shortly within the again or the facet of the enemy or b. you might have a gradual one so that you cover with a most of partitions or rocks behind you and in your sides in order that the enemy must be in your line of fireside to get you.

 7. Run, cover, hearth. Run for a short second. Then cover for a short second (ideally a bit greater than 15 seconds) whereas checking the place the enemy is visually by outfocusing and checking the minimap (see rule 51. Situational consciousness). Then hearth ONE shot — only one (two pictures if and provided that your charge of fireside may be very, very, very excessive) — in any other case you’ll get fired on within the subsequent second. Then both run and so on. (repeat the method) or take cowl by transferring backwards to reload and hearth once more (see rule 9. Peek-a-boom).

 8. Don’t be grasping ! Some of the frequent errors — and essentially the most harmful — of novices is to maintain firing bravely on an enemy … and getting killed in a handful of seconds as a result of each enemy can see you (firing causes you to lose all camouflage). Completely ineffective. Surviving and retaining your hit factors is vital to success (see rule 2. Keep away from getting shot).

 9. Peek-a-boom [6]. If you happen to’re hiding behind an impediment and and one enemy is on the opposite facet (be it shut or distant) : step out just a bit bit simply after he has fired (i.e. whereas he’s reloading) then shoot him in a weak spot, then fall again/take cowl ASAP to reload. And once more. Don’t use this tactic in case you’re not good and fast at precision capturing. Additionally, in case you’ve bought sufficient house to maneuver and also you don’t must counter the enemy ASAP, attempt to reappear a. not on the identical place and b. at the least after a ten seconds’ wait. Why 10 secs ? As a result of that’s the most time [7] your tank stays silhouetted (although you’re beneath cowl and so they can’t see you) after having fired.
For instance, see what the unicum Martin WaterWar is doing within the battle hereunder : he spends half the battle in the identical place, transferring a couple of meters out of canopy, capturing the closest enemy tank or a far one concentrating on him, retreating beneath cowl, and once more. Notice that he’s consistently maintaining in thoughts the place the enemy tanks, be they shut or distant, are and which of them are essentially the most harmful, in order to not get into their line of fireside when he will get out of canopy.
For an in depth dialogue of peek-a-boom ways, have a look at this video from Sir Havoc, beginning at 9:35, and take note of his commentary.

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 10. Don’t keep too lengthy ready the place you’re the just one blocking the enemy’s advance and you’ve got lots of them in entrance of you (approx. 3 or extra). Hearth one, two or three pictures, then retreat beneath cowl 50 m away. If you happen to don’t, they’ll clober you or they’ll outflank you and shoot you from behind.

 11. If you must select between firing and transferring (as an illustration as a result of an enemy has simply appeared behind you), transfer first, you’ll see whether or not you might be in a firing place afterwards.

 12. Take your time to intention correctly : you’ll miss much less typically. That is very true for artilleries. Additionally, some tanks have a really restricted variety of shells. And in case you wait untill the gun reticle has shrunk to its minimal measurement, the probabilities your shell will miss are the bottom. One final cause for aiming correctly : in case you miss and subsequently didn’t cease your opponent, throughout your reload time he’ll intention higher, he’ll come nearer to you, you’ll make a greater goal for him and in the long run you can be more likely to get shot. The one and solely exception to this rule is when you find yourself attacked at very shut vary by a sooner tank : you don’t have time to intention, and in case you wait, he’ll “circle-of-death” you. So intention roughly and hearth ASAP.

 13. Focus your hearth. Emulate your closest ally by firing on the identical goal. This may eliminate the enemy tank in a short time and fewer enemy tanks means much less weapons firing at you. And fewer weapons firing at you means your probabilities of profitable enhance.

 14. Goal for the weak spots of the enemy tanks. Usually the weak spots are :

  • rear and facet of the hull. So each time doable, attempt to outflank the enemy tank
  • the turret sides
  • the commander’s cupola (the hatch on prime of the turret)
  • the decrease entrance glacis (LFG). This can be a must-know when confronted to German or Russian opponents : aside from the commander’s cupola (which is tough to targer due to its smal measurement), it’s going to typically be their solely weak spot on the entrance
  • view ports, machine gun port, and hatches elsewhere on the car. However beware : a few of them aren’t truly modelled ingame and simply visible however no weakspot
  • the entrance and rear of the tracks are the equal of a weak spot : the enemy might be stopped for a couple of seconds at the least and through that point it’s going to grow to be a straightforward goal. Permatrack him and he’ll be a sitting duck in your arty
  • a not well-known weak spot : the gas tanks, that are simply hit by capturing barely above the tracks behind the turret.

Study by coronary heart the most important weak spots of all main tanks, particularly the weak spots on their entrance. The very best instruments to take action are :

  • start with Wot Guru’s Weak Spots Guides
  • then transfer on to : tanks.gg 3D Mannequin tab (the best considered one of all three), Tank Inspector or the Armor Inspector from WoT Inspector. Extra particulars on these three instruments above within the Visualising armor intimately part of this submit.

 15. Premium ammo (generally calld gold shells) (APCR [8]) and HEAT [9] are very costly in credit. Make AP (so known as “silver”) your default ammo and solely purchase 2 to three gold shells per battle. Don’t forget to chage from AP to APCR or HEAT (so known as “gold”) when confronted to heavies. However for the above talked about cause, don’t take the behavior to systematically hearth gold.
Notice : Gold ammo is inexpensive if in case you have a premium account. However keep in mind : a premium account for one yr begins at 100 USD.

 16. HE (Excessive Explosive). That kind of shell is just utilized by skilled gamers. It has a devastating impact on calmly armored vehicules, i.e. they’ll one-shot artillery and two-shot gentle tanks and open-top tank destroyers. HE can be helpful in opposition to hulldown tanks. In a kill-or-be-killed state of affairs, when the enemy will not be closely armored or has misplaced most of its pool of hit factors, they’ll make the distinction. However they’re ineffective in opposition to heavies’ greatest armored elements. As an exception, HE are environment friendly in opposition to the O-I and O-I Exp Japanese tremendous heavies, even after they’re excessive on well being.

 17. Tools (i.e. improved binocular telescope, improved air flow, coated optics, gun rammer, gun laying drive …) : how to decide on the perfect suited ones. Comply with the recommandations on the WoT wiki web page devoted to your tank (simply google then click on on the lead to English named “name_of_tank – Global wiki. Wargaming.net”). They’re dependable most often. Or comply with the recommandations of unicum participant (and full-time streamer) Skill4LTU within the “09 Equipment” tab on the prime of this Google doc.
If uncertain, search the WoT boards with the identify of your tank and the phrase .

If you happen to can’t discover data on that — and as a basic rule —, use :

  • binocs : they permit you to see a lot farther than the inventory worth of the tank, subsequently to hit extra enemies
  • gun rammer : it accelerates the gun reload
  • vents : this offers a 5% increase to the staff/tank performances.

Beware, tools may be very costly in credit (usually 500 000 credit for binoculars, as an illustration) so don’t purchase them in case you’re wanting credit (i.e. beneath 1 million). In any other case, you run the chance of turning into broke and having to promote some tanks and return to tiers 1 to three for a very long time (it’s inconceivable to play so long as you don’t have sufficient credit to repare your tanks and to purchase ammunition).

Additionally, hold some gold to have the ability to demount tools when you’re executed with a tank. It prices 10 gold per piece and saves as much as 300 000 credit.

 18. Your again and the higher a part of your flanks (i.e. not your tracks) are the weakest half of your armor. Face the enemy (subsequently you must know the place he’s : see rule 51. Situational consciousness) and NEVER expose your flanks. However in case you estimate you may’t battle him, flip your again to him as quickly as doable and run to a hiding place as a result of tanks are a lot slower in reverse.

 19. Angle/slant your entrance armor in direction of the enemy. This will increase your tank’s efficient hull armor. The advisable angle relies on the tank however here’s a rule of thumb : when pointing your gun to the enemy, it needs to be positioned straight over your proper or left entrance wheel — by no means over your facet.
Nonetheless, in case you drive a “glass canon” (fragile TD with “paper” armor), you may overlook about angling as a result of it’s ineffective.

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 20. In corners, “side-scraping” permits your turret to have a line of sight/your gun to bear with out over-exposing your armor.

 21. Hull down. In case your turret armor is nice (heavy tanks, particularly American ones, and a lot of the German and Russian tanks), each time doable, attempt to cover your hull behind an impediment (a rock, a sand dune, a small wall or any declivity), leaving solely your turret seen. That is very environment friendly as a result of the turret entrance (especialy the mantle, the world across the base of the gun) is mostly the tank’s strongest armored half and since a lot of the weak spots are on the hull. Additionally, since this makes you a a lot smaller goal, you’re way more tough to hit.
NB : not all maps provides you with apparent, simple to make use of locations for hull down ways reminiscent of a rock lower down precisely to the peak of your turret. Usually, you’ll need to make use of a slope and place your self at a long way from its prime. On this case, additionally, you will must have a gun with good melancholy.

 22. Don’t block your staff mates shot. Don’t stand of their line of fireside.
And please don’t sit in a TD’s place behind a bush close to base. This implies a. you’re not doing all your job and b. worse, you’re stopping an ally from doing his.

 23. If you happen to’re driving a quick tank and are confronting an enemy with a gradual charge of fireside in a avenue or a slim valley, as an alternative of hiding behind an impediment, you might have the choice to overrun him : speed up ahead, rush him and shoot him within the flank after which within the again. That’s notably environment friendly in case your tank is a fast-firing one.
See as an illustration what this Russian participant is doing within the video hereunder together with his Object 260 to the highly effective however gradual to relaod Caernarvon (at 5:00). On the identical time, this isn’t the perfect exampel because the Caernarvon outreloads the 260.

 24. NEVER cross an open area. Use a line of timber/bushes/hills/dunes/rocks/homes/killed tanks/a river mattress or make a detour to get to the specified place.

 25. NEVER assault trough the center of the map : it’s the killing zone. All the time assault by the aisles, even when they’re blocked by enemy hearth.
As for all guidelines, there’s a bunch of exceptions [10] :

  • not precisely an exception, but when there’s a city within the heart of the map (Abbey or Fisherman’s Bay cities are typical examples), it’s best to at the least occupy it and maintain it — and generally assault by it
  • not precisely an exception (once more), however in case you’re in gentle tank, originally you must gentle up the enemy tanks in your staff so that you go heart at full velocity alongside the ridge strains (however you don’t keep right here)
  • there are different exceptions, relying on the map, however to grasp them, it’s worthwhile to be above common (48-49% WR is common) and this information will not be for good gamers however for novices and common ones.

 26. Pace. Don’t rely in your velocity to evade shells. All the time take into consideration the place you’ll cover after and if doable throughout your transfer. Use your velocity solely to get to a superb place originally of the battle or to relocate when having been noticed. Particularly :

  • don’t go yolo (going full velocity into the enemy ranks)
  • and don’t suiscout (used for gentle, quick tanks who go full velocity into enemy territory simply to get as a lot credit as doable by being the primary to identify as many enemies as doable … after which die shortly, subsequently probably not serving to their staff).

 27. Transfer ! By no means keep on the identical place various seconds after having fired or having been noticed. 5 seconds is a most. In any other case, you’re a sitting duck for enemy tanks, particularly artillery — in different phrases, it’s a matter of seconds earlier than arty, a TD or an even bigger tank “frags” you. All the time keep in mind that even in case you don’t see any enemy, enemy arty sees you. Arties can kill you in a single shot.

What are the alternate options ? :

  • play peek-a-boom (see rule 9.)
  • or relocate (see rule 7.)
  • a specific case : whenever you face an enemy and also you’re hiding partially between an impediment and also you’re certain arty can’t hit you (i.e. you’re near wall or a rock), transfer forwards and backwards to thwart enemy’s intention.
    See as an illustration what the Russian participant is doing within the video hereunder together with his Object 260 (beginning at 0:32).

IF you might have sixth sense, transfer again straight after capturing. If you happen to’re not lit up, you may stay there. If youre noticed, dont repeak until you’re certain you’re now not noticed and received’t get lit up entering into place earlier than you shoot. Repeaking is harmful.

 28. Get beneath cowl whenever you reload, even when your reload time may be very fast (beneath 3 seconds). If you’re in a heavy, know your reload time by coronary heart. See rule 7. Run, cover, hearth and rule 9. Peek-a-boom.

 29. Tips on how to use bushes (1). Tips on how to cover *in* the bushes. Bushes or fallen timber cover your tank to the enemy’s eyes — until an enemy’s nearer than 50 meters. Conceal simply behind the bushes or in them. This fashion, it’s simpler so that you can detect enemy tanks approaching and also you don’t rely on others to scout for you. Nonetheless, if, aside out of your gun, there may be however a small a part of your tank that stands out of the bush (the commander’s cupola, a sprocket), you can be noticed. And as quickly as you might have fired, you grow to be noticed.
Tips on how to cover *away* from the bushes. If you happen to cover greater than 15 meters from the bushes (you understand you’re 15 m away when all of the sudden they’re not clear any extra for you), you may hearth with out being noticed.

 30. Tips on how to use bushes (2) : the invisible tank. Put the cursor over the closest enemy whereas he’s nonetheless distant. The gap to the goal is highlighted. Whether it is over 445 m, you may’t be seen. It’s doable to remain between 450 and 700 m and be utterly invisible your complete recreation. As soon as the enemy strikes nearer, simply transfer away and proceed being an invisible sniper whereas your staff spots for you. If another person is recognizing the enemy, keep 15m+ behind the bush and hearth all you need — the enemy received’t be capable of see you. Transfer into the bush to identify, then again out of the bush 15m+ to fireside — the enemy will stay on the display screen for a couple of seconds when you are backing up and aiming, and you then received’t flip the bush translucent whenever you hearth. Invisible sniper.

NB : for unprecedented sniping positions (which regularly use bushes), see level 6. in Maps ways.

 31. Tips on how to use bushes (3) : in search of the invisible tank. If you happen to see an enemy tank silhouetted behind a really gentle cowl (bushes or wooden planks) and it all of the sudden disappears, this doesn’t imply it’s gone very fa

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