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Talking of common drum software program, XLN Audio “Addictive Drums 2“.

On this article, I’m going to elucidate the benefits and drawbacks of XLN Audio “Addictive Drums 2” and tips on how to use it. I may also introduce all of the ADpaks and clarify tips on how to purchase.

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1. What’s XLN Audio “Addictive Drums 2” ?

Widespread drum software program developed by XLN Audio.

There are a complete of 21 varieties of drum kits known as ADpak, and there are packages that choose a number of ADpaks from amongst them, or packages that embody ADpak as a set.

You may select your favourite drum package, so you may choose solely the required sound supply.

Addictive Drums 2 Overview

Growth firm XLN Audio
Worth(checklist worth) Full Assortment 699.95USD

Artistic Assortment 329.95USD

Customized XL 329.95USD

Fundamental 169.95USD

Customized 169.95USD

Rock & Metallic Version 169.95USD

Beat Producer Version 169.95USD

XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 ▶︎Plugin Boutique



2. Benefits

There are three benefits when utilizing XLN Audio “Addictive Drums 2

  1. Straightforward to make use of even for freshmen
  2. Set off can be utilized
  3. You may select your favourite drum package

(1)Straightforward to make use of even for freshmen

In comparison with different drum software program, even freshmen can use it simply.

Use of drum software program requires data of drum recording.

Addictive Drums 2 is straightforward to grasp the operation display, and I believe that it’s straightforward to make sounds even for those who wouldn’t have data of drum recording.

(2)Set off can be utilized

Addictive Drums 2 has a Set off sound added to the drum.

Because of this, a powerful sound will be produced.

What’s a set off?
Set off is a sound that provides assault and energy to the drum. Triggers are additionally used for acoustic drum recordings. Not too long ago, triggers have additionally been utilized in dwell performances. If you’re utilizing different drum software program, a plugin known as Addictive Set off is offered individually, so you need to use solely the set off.

XLN Audio Addictive Set offaddictive-trigger ▶︎Plugin Boutique

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(3)You may select your favourite drum package


Addictive Drums 2 lets you choose solely your favourite drum package with Customized (3 sorts) or Customized XL (6 sorts). So that you don’t get a drum set you don’t want. You should purchase solely what you want.

3. Disadvantages that you need to know earlier than utilizing


Nonetheless, there’s a drawback to know earlier than utilizing XLN Audio “Addictive Drums 2

That’s, there are usually not sufficient parameters to hunt realism.

For instance, for the cymbals, the favored drum software program “BFD 3” has extra tracks and will be set intimately.

Nonetheless, if you need realism, you’ll want to have data of drum recording.

4. Find out how to purchase (Clarify ADpaks)


Addictive Drums 2 has a complete of 21 completely different drum kits (ADpak), and every bundle has a special drum kits. Every bundle is as follows.

Package deal ADpaks
Full Assortment 699.95USD All ADpaks
Artistic Assortment 329.95USD Fairfax Vol.1,2

Session Percussion

Black Velvet

Classic Dry

Reel Machines

Customized XL 329.95USD Select any 6 ADpaks
Fundamental 169.95USD Fairfax Vol.1,2

Black Velvet

Customized 169.95USD Select any 3 ADpaks
Rock & Metallic Version 169.95USD Fairfax Vol.1

Studio Rock


Beat Producer Version 169.95USD Session Percussion

Classic Dry

Reel Machines

The bundle that I believe is evenly coated is the Artistic Assortment, however I like to recommend selecting your favourite ADpaks with Customized or Customized XL. In case your favourite drum package is packaged collectively, select that bundle.

From right here, I’ll introduce every ADpak.

Mainly you need to select ADpak in line with the style of music you make, however personally I believed United Pop and Classic Dry had been good.

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* In case you purchase ADpak by itself, it’s an prolonged operate as a result of it doesn’t have AD2 engine. Please watch out.

Boutique Mallets


ADpak utilizing felt mallet. It’s appropriate for film music or jazz, however it may be used for pop as a result of it has a sound with an strange stick.

United Heavy


Drum package appropriate for arduous rock and steel. It’s also beneficial for those who want a drum that has a powerful affect.

Fashionable Soul And R&B


Drum package appropriate for Soul and R&B. It incorporates a fats sound.

United Pop


Drum package appropriate for pops. It’s a sound supply recorded in Studio A of Ocean Method Studio the place many well-known songs had been recorded.

Fairfax Vol. 1


Sound supply recorded on the Fairfax Recordings studio in Los Angeles. Appropriate for traditional rock sound.

Fairfax Vol. 2


Sound supply recorded at Studio Fairfax Recordings in Los Angeles. This can be a sound supply utilizing Gretsch’s Spherical Badge from the late 60’s. There may be an previous feeling in comparison with Vol.1.



Drum package appropriate for funk.

Classic Dry


It incorporates a dry drum sound of the 70’s.

Black Velvet


Drum package appropriate for stadium rock.

Session Percussion


This can be a percussion package.



Drum package utilizing analog tape and classic microphone.



Because the identify suggests, it’s appropriate for steel. Produced by music producer Ross Robinson of well-known artists resembling Korn and Slipknot.

Reel Machines


That is the sound supply which recorded the well-known rhythm machine Roland TR-808, TR-909, Lindrum, and Digital Drum Simmons utilizing analog tape.

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Fashionable Jazz Sticks


Because the identify suggests, it’s a sound supply that’s hit with a jazz stick.

Contains Premier Gen-X drum set and Ludwig Acrolite Snare.

Fashionable Jazz Brushes


Because the identify suggests, it’s a sound supply that has been hit with a jazz brush.



You will get drums like 70’s Glam Rock, David Bowie and Lou Reed.

It’s recorded in a clear acrylic Vistalite drum set and options clear maintain.

Blue Oyster


You will get a drum sound like Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. A sound harking back to the late 60’s.

Black Oyster


Sound supply recorded with a drum set known as Ludwig Black Oyster. It’s precisely the Beatles sound of the early 60’s.

Studio Prog


A clear and balanced sound supply appropriate for progressive rock.

Studio Pop


A clear and balanced sound supply appropriate for pop music.

Studio Rock


A clear and balanced sound supply appropriate for rock.

XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 ▶︎Plugin Boutique



5. Free model


Addictive Drums 2 is on the market without spending a dime.

The free model contains kicks, snares, hi-hats and crashes for Fairfax Vol 1. Toms and rides are usually not accessible.

6. Find out how to set up and activate XLN Audio merchandise

Plugin Boutique explains tips on how to set up and activate.

It’s accomplished primarily within the following 4 steps.

  1. Register an account with XLN Audio
  2. Obtain XLN On-line Installer
  3. Launch XLN On-line Installer and enter serial quantity from “Register Product”
  4. Set up product from XLN On-line Installe

7. Find out how to use

addictive-drums-2 kit presets

I’ll clarify the principle parameters of Addictive Drums 2.

Addictive Drums 2 has presets from the higher left and KIT, EDIT, FX and BEATS from the higher proper.


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